Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More updates on Sunset

Some new pix of growin Sunset taken last night...

For now, my blog is gonna have a huge deal featurin Sunset baby... becuz I wanna watch Sunset grow big n strong.. like ME! These days, Mom gets up @ 6.30am to feed Sunset. 6 hours interval. Now u see y its sucha baby?

sunset walkin around in Grandpa & Grandma's room...

i tink it likes the clock...

standin PROUDLY! MY Sunset............. full of potential. like ME!

we're both communicatin thru' our powerful eyes... can u see? dats how much i love my Sunset!

(Mom: the above is Sunset's newer (transparent) cage for it to be able to explore its surroundins & because its not fully weaned yet.. It will stay in its proper bird cage bout 2 weeks later.)

Another vid of handfeedin session I took for Mom today... hope its more correct, Muffin's Ma! This Sunset is juz too greedy... exactly like???? ME!! ;P

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