Monday, March 28, 2011

It's MY 6th Birthday!

It's my 6th birthday today! Mom brought Cotton, Lauryn & Chewy out wit me together for some plays & photo-takin'! It rained in the afternoon but lucky for us, the grass wasn't wet at all! Just that it was really cloudy & we didn't have much natural light to work with for the pix.

The whippets came nearin' the end & Cotton had a blast with GioGio Jr. especially. It seemed as tho' it was her birthday instead of mine -___-

say HELLO to the Natural Pawpals!

Notti kitty

see what I mean when I say she's havin' a blast of a time there??

it's my birthday & I'll smile with my mommy

the whippets! Remy (daddy), Cushla (mommy) & GioGio Jr. (son)!

GioGio Jr.

Cotton's best fwen!!

GioGio Jr. & his mommy


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Mom brought us to see Rossi as well as pass some treats for Rossi-ma to pass to Coff & Baub's-ma for Crystal. How complicatin can humans get........

I, as usual........... am a very gooood girl. Only barkin' when I heard their neighbors' locks clankin' there. Cotton on the other hand, was A TERROR. I'm suppose to be the terror since I'm a terrier.... but no..... she decided to take on my role. She barked & barked at everyone... even Rossi didn't dare befriend her. But that's her style of ''making friends''. She needs to bark non-stop & sniff butts & will be best fwens within a few sessions of meetin-ups. But some dogs do not take too well to her ultra-unique & super-rude way of makin' fwens u see.......

Anyways I'm not the kinda bitch who goes around makin fwens wit my own species... I only love other species of animals like birds, cats, rodents etc. I don't mean killin' them... I really mean LOVING them hehe. & since Rossi is a bitch... I didn't bother much abt her too & vice versa since she's a shy fella.

So, meet Rossi.......

She's 2+ & on organic raw foods like us too =]


This' the only blur pix of me & Rossi... Mom took this wit juz 1 hand... so pardon her

me...... the bestest... in my Mommy's eyes

This was AFTER she got treats from them -___-

The psycho & the. quiet

This' me after Mom full-groomed me today 

Mom always says I'm a HANDSOME bitch. why? because I behave like a boy while my biological brother behaves like a GIRL! She says she thinks we had our souls switched while in our Mommy's womb...


Mom said to give her a smile instead of a grumpy face... & so I forced one out juz for her

Time to rest while Mom & Dad heads off for their 16hrs Challenge (a running thing). Mom has NEVER been away from us for THAT long! hmph

Mom: Update (270311) - I decided that I missed them loadssss & came hm at 12am. It was supposed to be from 5pm (Sat) to 9am (Sun). Hence, I decided to stop the run & head hm at 12am. They were really happy to see me... even Chewy! =]

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cotton's 1st fur-cut in 2011

Mom always full-grooms Cotton once every 4 to 6 months. In between it will just be baths (& basic groomin) once every 6 to 8 weeks. Why? Cuz Mom is lazy as it really takes up ALOTA time to trim her thick coat -___-

This was Cotton's last full-groom session on 241110

Today's full-groomin (210311). After her bath, in midst of blow-dryin

All dried & fluffed-up!

Tools: Shaver (for shavin' pawpads & private parts). 3 Scissors for scissorin entire body, face & head. Slicker brush & Metal Comb for fluffin up the coat. Mom doesn't believe in shavin' any of our coats. I'm hand-stripped, Cotton's scissored, Lauryn's a natural coat & just removin her under coat whilst batheing will do, & Chewy's a well....... there's nothin to be done to her coat lol!

All done & lyin' wit her fur...

very tired as it took like 3++ hrs...

she can finally SEE amidst all that coat!

blendin in very well wit the wall...

Mom turned a crazy-lookin-bitch into a sweeeet lil' girl next door...

Till MONTHS again for her nxt trimmin session! And it's my 6th birthday in exactly 7 days time! =]]]]]

Let us end off wit some latest pix of Chewy & us! [sorry it's pretty impossible to snap her together with Lauryn as Lauryn's doesn't really like being too near to her hahaha]

050211 crazy Chewy wrestlin' MY poor head as u can see...


she doesn't like the light obviously

040311 Chewy hidin under the mattress' sheet... her left ear looks tipped here lol!

100311 Chewy imitatin her fav. bitch..... monkey see monkey do!

080311 Chewy slpin under the mattress' sheet... & no we didn't position her like that... she does this every nite lol!

That's our lil' family of four! =]