Friday, March 4, 2011

Mom's & Our Books

Mom ordered 4 books & received them very promptly on 030311. They're........ ''RAW & NATURAL NUTRITION FOR DOGS'', ''THE FOOD REVOLUTION'', ''THE FACE ON YOUR PLATE'' & ''WHY WE LOVE DOGS, EAT PIGS & WEAR COWS''.

We haven't updated on our books since 2008 lol. We've way more books along the way... but Mom will just focus on these few that are the better & more impt ones.

As you've guessed it, the last 3 books are basically on veganism, ideologies & cultural acceptance embedded & cultivated into each & every human being since birth. These books will help one to further comprehend & break away from the cultural ''norms'' & enable us to lead a more compassionate & fruitful life which will enable the survival of not only thousands of species of animals, but also our Planet Earth.

''FOOD PETS DIE FOR'' is a book which Mom got way back in 2009. It's a must-read for EVERYONE whether or not one is new to havin' animals. It digs deep into the lies of the pet-food industries... so go grab one at your nearest bookstore or library.

These 3 are on the top list of Mom's fav. books........

''EATING ANIMALS'' by Jonathan Safran Foer is another of Mom's FAV. books which she got last year. She bought 1 hard-cover copy for herself & another 9 paper-back ones as give-aways to anyone whom wants it.

Through us, Mom not only learnt that carnivores like us require organic raw foods, but she also learnt much more abt veganism & raw foods for humans, how what we eat affects not only the welfare & lives of (factory-farmed) animals, but also our Planet itself... for without Earth, there really is nothing left for all Earthlings... what can be more important than the realization of that & HOW our diet can save both our lives & our world?

''WHY WE LOVE DOGS, EAT PIGS AND WEAR COWS'' digs deep into the psychological aspects of different cultures & how we're brought up believing certain animals are for food, & certain others for companions. This is aka ''speciesism''. Hence, before judging anyone eating dogs/cats, look into why you're eating pigs & cows, but not dogs & cats. Pigs possess the intelligence of a 3 year old kid... if we aren't killin' & eatin' a brain-dead child/adult, why is it that we deem fine eatin' a pig havin' the intelligence of a 3 year old child?

These are the books that will empower one to think beyond & question oneself...

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