Sunday, March 27, 2011


Mom brought us to see Rossi as well as pass some treats for Rossi-ma to pass to Coff & Baub's-ma for Crystal. How complicatin can humans get........

I, as usual........... am a very gooood girl. Only barkin' when I heard their neighbors' locks clankin' there. Cotton on the other hand, was A TERROR. I'm suppose to be the terror since I'm a terrier.... but no..... she decided to take on my role. She barked & barked at everyone... even Rossi didn't dare befriend her. But that's her style of ''making friends''. She needs to bark non-stop & sniff butts & will be best fwens within a few sessions of meetin-ups. But some dogs do not take too well to her ultra-unique & super-rude way of makin' fwens u see.......

Anyways I'm not the kinda bitch who goes around makin fwens wit my own species... I only love other species of animals like birds, cats, rodents etc. I don't mean killin' them... I really mean LOVING them hehe. & since Rossi is a bitch... I didn't bother much abt her too & vice versa since she's a shy fella.

So, meet Rossi.......

She's 2+ & on organic raw foods like us too =]


This' the only blur pix of me & Rossi... Mom took this wit juz 1 hand... so pardon her

me...... the bestest... in my Mommy's eyes

This was AFTER she got treats from them -___-

The psycho & the. quiet

This' me after Mom full-groomed me today 

Mom always says I'm a HANDSOME bitch. why? because I behave like a boy while my biological brother behaves like a GIRL! She says she thinks we had our souls switched while in our Mommy's womb...


Mom said to give her a smile instead of a grumpy face... & so I forced one out juz for her

Time to rest while Mom & Dad heads off for their 16hrs Challenge (a running thing). Mom has NEVER been away from us for THAT long! hmph

Mom: Update (270311) - I decided that I missed them loadssss & came hm at 12am. It was supposed to be from 5pm (Sat) to 9am (Sun). Hence, I decided to stop the run & head hm at 12am. They were really happy to see me... even Chewy! =]

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Ann, bichon frise owner said...

Rossi is so cute! I love the ears. My friend has a dog like that and I love it when it plays with my Bichon Frise. They really seem to like each other.