Monday, March 28, 2011

It's MY 6th Birthday!

It's my 6th birthday today! Mom brought Cotton, Lauryn & Chewy out wit me together for some plays & photo-takin'! It rained in the afternoon but lucky for us, the grass wasn't wet at all! Just that it was really cloudy & we didn't have much natural light to work with for the pix.

The whippets came nearin' the end & Cotton had a blast with GioGio Jr. especially. It seemed as tho' it was her birthday instead of mine -___-

say HELLO to the Natural Pawpals!

Notti kitty

see what I mean when I say she's havin' a blast of a time there??

it's my birthday & I'll smile with my mommy

the whippets! Remy (daddy), Cushla (mommy) & GioGio Jr. (son)!

GioGio Jr.

Cotton's best fwen!!

GioGio Jr. & his mommy


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Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Velvet and gang! HOw nice to hear from you!

Those are gorgeous photos - your human is a very good photographer! And I'm so impressed that Chewy came out and posed too! THat is amazing! A cat!!!!

Honey the Great Dane