Sunday, May 22, 2011

When Kitty Chew Wakes Up...

... one mornin' on 210511 (Sat) ...... Mom goes snap snap snap because she looked so cute. I'm kinda jealous now that kitty Chew's grabbin' most of Mom's attention. =[

Mom really named her well and apt... cuz one of kitty Chew's favorite antics is to lick lick lick Mom or Dad's hands/legs/feet/fingers (wherever you name it) & then CHEW on them like ''...nom nom nom...'' with saliva all over them. -__-|| all kitty kats do that???

Anyways Mom thinks Chewy's a really naive kitty... cuz she hasn't (& Mom's hopin' NEVER EVER) scratched nor bitten anyone nor any animals even when she gets really really pissed off. Dad says its because they took her in when she was around 4 months young seeing she was bullied by other adult cats so much so that she fell into a big drain & that her kitty momma hasn't yet taught how to use her CLAWS   -___-  But Mom thinks she's just really pretty, gentle, nice & naive by nature.

Okie enuf of kitty-tok... now its time for some kitty-see...

comparin' her size with a roll of paper towel

Chewy's 3.2kg now at 11 months young

Cats DO Smile!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chewy's Biological Mommy

Mom finally managed to snap some pix of Chewy's biological Mommy (as believed by Mom as Chewy's Mom resides around the area where they found Chewy). Mom's also thinkin' of spayin' her to prevent anymore litters... I say they're afraid of seeing another Chewy-replica UNDER their car in future! (in case you hadn't already known, Chewy dashed out from under Mom's car one night during work & the story began from there.......)

Here are the pix & you go spot some of the uncanny resemblance between them... but Chewy has got a long & skinny tail while her Mommy has a short, fat & furry tail. Lucky she's friendly too... which would make it easier for us to send her for her spay..... along with the shopkeeper's permission (just wonderin' which shop she ''belongs'' to exactly)

Pardon the quality of the pix as they were taken at night with a smartphone

Both pix taken on 080511 (Chewy at approx. 11 mths young)