Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our Organic Home-Made Yogurt (Click this)

1st & foremost, our home-made yogurt contains PROBIOTICS (listed in our website) purchased from a reputable local health-store. We ADD the probiotics powder into the organic milk before the milk is left to be fermented in the yogurt machine. So, yogurt IS probiotic in this sense since probiotics have been added into it. It's NOT plainly made of milk & nothin else.

An update on the different (brands & types) of Organic Milk used for our Home-made Yogurt, dependin on availability.

Organic Valley Fresh Milk (Reduced Low Fat)

Organic Valley Fresh Milk (Whole Milk)

Organic Valley Fresh Milk (Low Fat)

Organic Valley UHT Milk (Whole Milk)

Organic Valley UHT (Low Fat Dairy Milk)

True Organic UHT Milk

True Organic UHT Milk (Low Fat)

Mom got a Yogurt Maker Machine for us. Becuz our organic yogurts are expensive... & she reckoned its takin a toll on her pocket juz for the yogurt alone & worse thing is... they're not always in stock. So we hadn't had any yogurt for a couple of days...

It's very very very ez to make usin this simple machine. Just add the bacteria into the milk, dats it. It would also lessen the cost of the yogurt already. & its better too... more nutritious u can call it. Becuz the longer the yogurt is kept, the more bacteria it will lose..... thus, those commercial ones... may not be as gd as our home-made ones tee hee..

Mom's 1st go @ it was a FLOP! Maybe the Goat's Milk she used has a lower lactose level... only 4.1g per 100ml. U need a milk dat is very high in lactose level. so, it was a total flop....... it didn't firm up..... BUT.... mom did let us hav a go @ it before throwin it away.

After that, she went to get another brand of milk.... & it turned out relatively ok.... here's a pic of it:

after bout 16hrs... u get 1 litre of yogurt

sorry, the 'hole' u see above... ended up in my tummy already.....

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