Saturday, November 10, 2007

Eg. of Current Raw Natural Diet

Just for the record, this is what our current Raw Natural Diet looks like:

Home-Made Yogurt in mornin on empty stomach. Followed by this in the afternoon:

Variety of muscle meats (60%) + (beef) offals (10%) + organic raw blended Veg (30%) topped with: organic eggshell powder for Calcium (mix into "healthy powder") + organic supplements (eg, spirulina - a POWERFUL food so watch the intake, blackstrip molasses, wheatgrass powder, celtic seasalt (all these added into blended organic veg + organic herbs), + Healthy Powder concoction.

Fruits are given separately for us. Only Meats + Vegs can be given together.

The above is abt 2% of my bodyweight. Muscle meats, offals, organic eggshell powder & organic veg are all calculated accordinly to Cal : Phos content. (M: Might not be exactly, but close to @ least)

Our poopoo is even lesser than our previous BARF diet! by almost half. We only poo once a day now & I tink... I didn't poo much @ all.. like juz 2 small lil' things droppin outta my nice butt. 'Bout a thumb-size of poo once daily. Usually in the mornins now. But Mom will continue to observe further & hope it stays this way. It juz means that most of wat we eat, are all 'absorbed'.

If any of you guys DO NOT & REFUSE to eat blended veg on its own, plz ask ur mom or dad to blend the meats/offals together with the veg.

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