Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Punish the DEED, not the BREED!

Sigh, Singapore is definitely not a doggy-fwenly country @ all. To make it worse, there has been many incidents on dog 'attacks' recently. Most people are also not so friendly to us doggies. The most recent incident can be read @ Bear's Blog. He is a big big fwenly rottie whom's tryin to help his kind.

Mom also knows of a few other incidents as well, where the dog definitely suffered more severe wounds than the JRT incident in Bear's Blog. However, Mom has decided not to go into detail of the other stories as they may turn out quite controversial in our typical country.

[Mom: this is lifted off a local dog forum which I tink is definitely worth readin whether ur an animal (dog) lover or not (frm Particleman):

Dear All,

I am sending this message out to all people here and on behalf of other working dog owners and responsible owners.

First of all, Please do not mistake those dogs for mine, as since this morning I have been asked this so many times. Because I too am a Sikh and I keep Dobermanns, and some people have confused me with those irresponsible dog owners.

Second, there are a number of well behaved and bred Rottweilers and other breeds like Dobermanns, GSD, Boxers in Singapore, which have lived peacefully with others and caused no problems.

There are also responsible owners like myself, who understand the breed well, and also train them and socialise them. I would never allow my male dobermanns unleashed at any time, and not near other dogs. Its their instinct and job to protect me and my family and friends against any other dogs or aggressive people . These are working dogs, companion and guardians. In fact, we do not even let 2 male dobermann adults together, in normal circumstances.

No doubt the Dobermann is far more intelligent than the Rottweiler, but we will be confused and mistaken as the same now - in fact, realise that now because of those irresponsible owners, all big dogs owners will face discrimination and possible abuse and AVA will come down harder on us. We already have to deal with a bad public image, muzzling laws, etc etc.. and those idiots simply just made it worse.

Accidents do happen, but its what happens after that matters. To say its not serious matter, and to brush it off does other big dog owners no good. I understand it was not done in purpose, but nonetheless, they need to be more careful and vigilant and offer compensations and apologies and make a statement for their dogs.

I fear for the dogs now.... having poor owners and now suffering for it.

I have handled, bred, shown and even rehomed Rottweilers before. I have seen extremely friendly Rotties, who are also Shutzhund trained and have IPO qualifications. I have met and handled all kinds of rotties. I can tell u its in the breeding and care, training and socialization. Do not assume all Rotties are the same, especially the locally bred ones from pet shops and farms.

The Rottweiler is a good breed, and the standard calls for a dog with a medium sharpness, temperament, and affection for owner and children. This is the correct Rottweiler, which would not have attacked another dog in a pack. So, please, before anyone casts judgement, please understand its not the Rottweiler breed at fault.

Punish the deed, not the breed

It is very unfortunate this incident happened. In any other country, honestly this is small news. Dogs fight, dogs bite, dogs get into trouble, and there are always irresponsible owners. But in Singapore, this is troubling news. Our press may make a big deal of it. Moreover, this is just what AVA needs to further restrict big dog owners here.

If somebody cannot understand the breed or handle them, then by all means, please consider another type of dog to have. To keep saying they are friendly and playful does no help to the breed. Every dog is friendly and playful. Every dog is territorial. Some more so than others. And traditionally, Rotties are used to protect farms, homes and estates, and they are defence-aggresion oriented.

But a well bred, trained, and socialized rottweiler, malinois, dobermann, GSD,etc would not attack a dog without grave provocation or command. So, end of the day, please dont assume all big dogs and working breeds are the same or have the same kind of instincts or mentality. Its a big part in the breeding, individual character and mostly the owner

Lastly... We all trust and sincerely hope that AVA will make decisions that are not based on public emotions, and not punitive....and "politically" correct moves. The recent measures are already restrictive enough.

I urge all dog owners and lovers to not discriminate against the Rottweiler and other big dogs.

It is not a misunderstood breed. its unfortunate their owners are the ones who misunderstand the breed themselves...]

I hope all dog owners will be more responsible. This isn't doin any good for us here, particularly of those breeds above. We definitely DO NOT want a Breeds Legislation here in future. & its also definitely wrong for the owners to shirk responsibilities when the poor other dog already sustained such serious injuries.


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Lacy said...

woofies Birdy and all!!! there r no bad dogs, only bad pawents of da doggys...its all in the loving, the kindness and way any animal is treated...

b safe,