Saturday, September 29, 2007

Strut Ur Stuffs Bitches!

Featurin nicely groomed (by my mommy) macho man Junior!!! He's a SOLID boy @ 10kg! Erhumm, I'm only 6kg :P Ima petite pretty gal!

okok this was how I tried to seduce him. (Might not have been the most pawfecto way, but nonetheless, it worked a lil'.)

If ur male looks like that, forget abt it (for the time bein')

til he decides to undergo an Extreme Make-Over (like how I always saw this show on my mommy's TV)

Then, u begin by:

Takin a glance @ ur targeted Male 1st (did I also mention he's un-neutered?)

Look AWAY when he looks @ U!

This is how a SHY male will react when a pretty bitch (like me) decides to give him a 2nd look

then u give a sheepish grin... I prefer the word SHY... or MEEK

When you still DO NOT get ANY attention from him, you ROAR like a lioness!!

a close-up of how FURocious you should look

FURocious enuf to make another weaklin, a weak lamb, erm... Cotton I mean, look SO SMALL & WEEK beside ME, a lioness!!!

okok back to the main lesson

after bein FUR-ocious, u tame urself down & show ur struts

& since its a SHY male im dealin with here, plant him a surprise smooch! (sometimes, a bitch's gotta do, wat a bitch's gotta do)

end result:

ok, that's all the lesson I've for you bitches for now. Now, go strut ur stuffs!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Our Bath Sessions is once every 3 to 4 weeks. Becuz that way, its better for our skin & coat. & no we do not stink, & we get our walks daily etc etc...

Today's shower was special. Why? Because Mom bought & as well as came up with new stuffs to use on us. I gotta admit I was sooo NOT used to the new aroma on me!!

it is a hoo-man soap made in India - Chandrika (click to see its ingredients)

this is how it looks like. a hoo-man's typical bar of soap

Next up, Mom concocted a very very SPECIAL pawfecto organic 'leave-in conditioner' for us.

500 ml for ME alone... Cotton's not done up yet. it's awiz ME FIRST!

[M: it's awiz u 1st becuz ur easier ;p erm, it is not very very special lol. It's juz made up of several organic herbs & flowers combined. This 'leave-in conditioner' not only helps with the skin & coat, but also @ the same time, helps keep away bugs bugs like ticks. Wayyyy safer & natural than commercial stuffs like F****L*** etc etc.]

Lemme tell u a secret, I even felt like lickin the entire thing up!!! yipz dat was how goodie it smelled! nothin escapes my powerful nosie! We've never used any conditioners for as long as I can remember. This is the only 'conditioner' Mom is willin to pour all over on us! because it's organic & very healthy! Check out here for more reviews/results etc...

see how happy Mom was... she even took some pix while soapin me up!!

this is me adjustin to the new 'aroma' (as you can see frm my face)

After rinsin off the soap, Mom soaked my slim leggie into the 'condi' 1st

then. its poured all over me!

After that, its juz basically poured allllll over my body w/o further rinse... everywhere. & then, Mom towel-dried me & offfff to the nasty fur-dryer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[M: for those pooches who loves chewin their paws day in day out, maybe you'd wanna check out Scuba's blog, check out what stuffs his Mom made for him to counter his bad lickin habit. or rather, his itchy paws. Hope it'll be useful for those of u with itchy paws. quick! ask ur mommies & daddies to check the Scuba's blog out! Please also note, the organic 'conditioner' I came up for the gals, is totally different from Scuba's, which is a tea concoction ;) ]

Monday, September 24, 2007

A tiny pix of us in Clubpets!

We had an i/c size photograph of us in this month's issue of Clubpets issue #25 (Sept-Nov). Last few pages of the magazine.

here's a blow-up of the above's tiny pix

I almost cannot be seen! For those who're wonderin why our dear Cotton's face sooooo stained, you can read bout her Entropion. We had a few pple shootin us that day. This' a big big surprise for us. Just that donch you think the pix's kinda small??????? ;p

(Organic) Natural Yogurt, Cottage Cheese & Wheatgrass

Mom chanced upon these 2 new stuffs on the way home. Because our Paul's Yogurt's already all gone into our big tummies, Mom decided to get this one for us instead. U can obviously see the difference in size. The price too is incredibly wide apart.

"Horizon" grade A yogurt $3.40 for 170grms (Mom: i tink this' the best so far, hopefully stocks will be in permernently)

200 grm Yogurt & 450 grm Cottage Cheese, $3.60 & $11 respectively

(M: There's another 'style' of the cottage cheese. The one above in blue is German Style as you can see below the tub. Another is a purple tub which is Swiss Style. German contains very little fats @ only 0.2 grm while Swiss contains a whoppin 13.7 grm of fats!)

I guess Mom didn't want us to grow sideways, so she got the wayyyyy lighter one for us instead.

500grm Paul's, $4.15

See the difference in prices????? & weight???? There's another brand of cottage cheese - Bulla, sold in most supermarkets. Smaller in packagin @ 200grm, but way cheaper @ only $3.65. But we had the runs when we ate them long ago. So M's tryin to see if we still get the runs with this organic one.

another brand of organic yogurt, this one's quite fattenin (that's wheatgrass for us beside it)

looks yummy eh????? r u droolin over there??

for those whose mommies & daddies who've been askin my mom for info on those organic yogurt & cottage cheese, there u go!!! ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Books???

A very friendly delivery man came to our doorstep to pass Mom a book she ordered. Despite our horrendous barks... I heard him mention to Mom, "so cute eh!". CUTE????? We were supposed to be sound & look FIERCE!!! not cute!!! but nvm... we'll try again next time.

then Mom took this outta the bag:

Herbs For Pets

Mom has been gettin these kinda books for HERSELF. Been ages since she's ever gotten anythin for us! See what she also did to ME!!!!

she stacked those huge huge heavy books on ME wen i was zzz-in!! (M: note that I'd left out the heaviest one ;p)

Why can't she stack treats on me instead??? Heaps & Heaps of food will do too!! I can take ANY weight as long as they're fit to be in my poor lonely lonely tummy!! sigh...

(M: these books are a MUST-HAVE, MUST-READ for any dog/cat mommies & daddies! Here's a glimpse of a few pages in "Herbs for Pets" just to get you goin...)

Click on it for a better read

(M: Also filled with lotsa colorful pictorials of almost every herbs mentioned!)

Alota people whom heard from Mom that we're also eatin herbs & veggies were shocked. Some even tink that Mom is lyin because they say they never knew of any dogs whom eats raw veggies/herbs WILLINGLY. But no... there we're munchin our greens happily. But seriously, they don't taste bad @ all. I don't think we've ever refused anythin from Mom's hands, yet. Recently, even our biggy sister, Lauryn has taken to eatin veggies like us! & she's a real real real picky bitch to begin wit!

okok, I'm off to see what Mom's doin. or readin. Maybe I'll just admire the colorful colorful pix. Dowana strain my eyes ya noe...

signin off

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy again?!

okok Mom has been buggin me to 'donate' another one of my posts to Happy (the toy poodle), which i'd already done so last time!!! But bein nice & gracious me... Ok. since EVERYONE likes her sooo much............................
So it was Happy's groomin day again. Now, almost everyone in the family saw her & LITERALLY loved her THRU' the bone. Yea, we just got de-moted durin her time here.

This silly Mom forgot to take her before groom pix again. so yea... if u'd like, plz refer to here for her messed-up looks frm her previous session. so these are all her 'after' pix

this is her from a certain weird weird angle

she's awiz this smiley. which is why everyone loves this princess

a princess asprin to be a supermodel

this was a yawn... a doggy yawn...

there u go...

Notice a lil' wee bita difference in the hair-do from the previous session? yea... my eyes are sharp. Because my super sharp ears heard Happy's daddy sayin he wanted a big big head for a change, like cotton's? hmm... too bad my head can never be as huge as theirs.....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Organic eggs BACK & nutritional yeast

Finally! Our BARNEY'S organic eggs (New Zealand) arrived after soooo looong! No STOCK accordin to Mom from another woman. Anways, this is a totally new batch accordin to the woman. & its freakin expensive accordin to Mom. One egg is $1.275 as compared to $0.20 for the normal ones.

isn't the packagin sucha cutie?? i wish i could eat the hens

"Nono" this, "Nono" that.. which is a gd gd sign accordin to Mom

there's some story in the box bout how the eggies came abt

the yolk's very orangy & 'high' compared to the normal ones.

we love it!!! I LOVE IT!!!! (M: if u haven already noticed, this PIG here, loves ANYTHIN & EVERYTHIN... even the chinchilla's & guinea pig's poo.)

whateva Mom. U donch noe how a dog's life is... what our purpose in life is... ;p Mom also mentioned that since the eggs are so ex, we ain't gonna be gettin it once weekly already. It's gonna be prolly once every 2-3 weeks... geezussss...............!

& since they're so ex, Mom has decided to utilize the entire egg, by makin eggshell powder

Mom also got an organic yellow yellow thing for us...

this.. to be added a lil' bit onto our meals...

since we're gonne be taken off THIS...

Mom says its gd for us to be OFF this monthly insecticide. So, we'll have to go NATURAL all the way........ with gdgd natural diet & natural oils, herbs, home-made conditioners etc to build up a super strong immune system to keep those creepy crawlies far farrrrrrrrrrr awayyyyy from us' bodies...

We three are also all OFF all annual vaccinations & dewormin too. Mom apparently, doesn't believe in all these crap. Annual vaccines apparently do weaken & mess around with the immune systems of dogs & that's y u see soooo many dogs wit skin probs & all. if any of u have skin probs, plz do tell ur mommy n daddy to stop all vaccinations. for wormies in our bodies, (if there is any @ all!), mom gives us organic teas for dewormin purposes as well as other stuffs.

Some stuffs like (organic) nutritional yeast or granular lecithin r gd for dogs with common skin probs. Not that we have any to begin with, but it also serves other gd purposes for us.

Sometimes, I tink Mom is a lil' extreme bout feedin us. But whatever, as long as I still get MY food... She can add watever she deems fit...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A loooooong walk...

After our mini tofu feast, we went for a looong 1hr 15mins looong loooooong walk. Then, we rested on some stone seatin seat for a while. & since that's the ONLY available time M's hands get to hold her mobile (M: this' what happens wen one's walkin 2 horrible monsters), she snapped snapped a few shots of us on the stoney seat.

thats me. as usual, starin @ a CAT juz bout 8metres away frm me!!!

that's Cot. starin into space-land

the cat migrated Mom's mobile's cam can't zoom... so yea there goes the pix of my cat!

& that's a beautiful tongue for u! *licks*

an extremely tired Cot

After that, we continued on our journey back home. Sadly, we didn't manage to meet any of our kind... yes, not even ONE!! Maybe not many of our kind lives here. Which is sad... We met lotsa our opposite kinds tho'! (M: she meant CATS) I love them equally much! But they dun seem to love love me back equally... which is doubly sad of cuz... I wonder why...

signin off,
wonderin vel...