Saturday, September 29, 2007

Strut Ur Stuffs Bitches!

Featurin nicely groomed (by my mommy) macho man Junior!!! He's a SOLID boy @ 10kg! Erhumm, I'm only 6kg :P Ima petite pretty gal!

okok this was how I tried to seduce him. (Might not have been the most pawfecto way, but nonetheless, it worked a lil'.)

If ur male looks like that, forget abt it (for the time bein')

til he decides to undergo an Extreme Make-Over (like how I always saw this show on my mommy's TV)

Then, u begin by:

Takin a glance @ ur targeted Male 1st (did I also mention he's un-neutered?)

Look AWAY when he looks @ U!

This is how a SHY male will react when a pretty bitch (like me) decides to give him a 2nd look

then u give a sheepish grin... I prefer the word SHY... or MEEK

When you still DO NOT get ANY attention from him, you ROAR like a lioness!!

a close-up of how FURocious you should look

FURocious enuf to make another weaklin, a weak lamb, erm... Cotton I mean, look SO SMALL & WEEK beside ME, a lioness!!!

okok back to the main lesson

after bein FUR-ocious, u tame urself down & show ur struts

& since its a SHY male im dealin with here, plant him a surprise smooch! (sometimes, a bitch's gotta do, wat a bitch's gotta do)

end result:

ok, that's all the lesson I've for you bitches for now. Now, go strut ur stuffs!!


Lacy said...

woofies 3 furry b's!!!! nowww that was funnnnnn!!! hmmm i might learns sumthin here...nice to meet u...

b safe,

Asta said...

Hi I'm a fwiend of Lacy's
That was vewy helpful and infowmative..thank you vewy di d that seduction pawsomely!
vewy nice to meet you..come visit me sometime1
smoochie kisses