Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A loooooong walk...

After our mini tofu feast, we went for a looong 1hr 15mins looong loooooong walk. Then, we rested on some stone seatin seat for a while. & since that's the ONLY available time M's hands get to hold her mobile (M: this' what happens wen one's walkin 2 horrible monsters), she snapped snapped a few shots of us on the stoney seat.

thats me. as usual, starin @ a CAT juz bout 8metres away frm me!!!

that's Cot. starin into space-land

the cat migrated Mom's mobile's cam can't zoom... so yea there goes the pix of my cat!

& that's a beautiful tongue for u! *licks*

an extremely tired Cot

After that, we continued on our journey back home. Sadly, we didn't manage to meet any of our kind... yes, not even ONE!! Maybe not many of our kind lives here. Which is sad... We met lotsa our opposite kinds tho'! (M: she meant CATS) I love them equally much! But they dun seem to love love me back equally... which is doubly sad of cuz... I wonder why...

signin off,
wonderin vel...

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