Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Books???

A very friendly delivery man came to our doorstep to pass Mom a book she ordered. Despite our horrendous barks... I heard him mention to Mom, "so cute eh!". CUTE????? We were supposed to be sound & look FIERCE!!! not cute!!! but nvm... we'll try again next time.

then Mom took this outta the bag:

Herbs For Pets

Mom has been gettin these kinda books for HERSELF. Been ages since she's ever gotten anythin for us! See what she also did to ME!!!!

she stacked those huge huge heavy books on ME wen i was zzz-in!! (M: note that I'd left out the heaviest one ;p)

Why can't she stack treats on me instead??? Heaps & Heaps of food will do too!! I can take ANY weight as long as they're fit to be in my poor lonely lonely tummy!! sigh...

(M: these books are a MUST-HAVE, MUST-READ for any dog/cat mommies & daddies! Here's a glimpse of a few pages in "Herbs for Pets" just to get you goin...)

Click on it for a better read

(M: Also filled with lotsa colorful pictorials of almost every herbs mentioned!)

Alota people whom heard from Mom that we're also eatin herbs & veggies were shocked. Some even tink that Mom is lyin because they say they never knew of any dogs whom eats raw veggies/herbs WILLINGLY. But no... there we're munchin our greens happily. But seriously, they don't taste bad @ all. I don't think we've ever refused anythin from Mom's hands, yet. Recently, even our biggy sister, Lauryn has taken to eatin veggies like us! & she's a real real real picky bitch to begin wit!

okok, I'm off to see what Mom's doin. or readin. Maybe I'll just admire the colorful colorful pix. Dowana strain my eyes ya noe...

signin off

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