Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Greens

Everyday either @ late mornin or mid noon, we'll get our greens (with natural yogurt, organs or fruits grinded together @ times), because its gd for us! M will explain more further later. Then, we'll have our BARF between 6pm-8pm. M finally took a vid of us havin our greens today after so long! I would've taken it myself loooong ago if I had some extra hands to spare!

Veg and fruits are only digestible when all the cellulose are broken down else they will all come out from the poo. That is why u need a machine.

thus, M uses this to process our greens!

for today, its a mixture of 4 different vegs : carrots, baby kailan, watercress & cabbage (Mom: I've currently switched to all organic veg for them already as they contain more nutrients & are pesticides-free, the ones below are NOT organic & im no longer feed them these.)

Just some info (frm M's notes from a forum) on some nice nice raw greens which're gd for us:

1. Baby carrots. grinded or blended
For Vit A and carotene, can reduce when offals are introduced later

2. Broccoli. grinded or blended

3. Lettuce. grinded or blended
To cool, to balance heat caused by meats & offals

4. Watercress. grinded or blended
Cleanse the colon and digestive system

5. Alfalfa sprouts. grinded or blended
Very nutritional and has laxative effect, aids in movin bowels

this is how today's end result looked like. We like our greens on a green plate too!

Me startin the ball rollin...

Cot next, after watchin me gobblin it up frm a corner

tada! after a mere 10 mins...

so dats all for today... hope u all had ur greens today!


The Airechicks said...

Hey Gals:

That looks yummy....and looks like you liked it....

Do you have green everyday ??

we had green beans for breakfast.

Vel said...

hi gals! yes yes now we've our greens everyday now! it used to be once every couple of days. but M says its rily impt dat we've it daily, so yea it is!

green beans?? oooh i shall go beg my M now to get some green beans for us too! yumzzz yumzzz....

Cotton said...

we juz had our greens bout 30mins ago. it was grinded with chicken hearts & livers. even our big sister, Lauryn, queued up for it too! it was a sumptous greeny day!