Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Peaceful Walk without...


ME, went on a stroll with M ALONE.... yes, w/o COTTON!!! I bet she was whinnin like hell @ hm! well, Grandma was there with her, so i guess its quite ok.

Next, I met a couple of other BOYSSS.... one was joggin with his daddy off-leashed in the park! wayyy cool! i was stalkin him frm behind....

(M: dey were wayy ahead of i guess they didn't notice this silent psychotic stalker)

& guess wat! he chased a poor kitty up onto a fence! i watched in silence & anticipation behind...hopin he'd manage to lure the kitty down so we both can hav some fun wit it!

(M: no, he didn't manage to get the kitty down. his daddy went to leash him up as he didn't wanna leave the poor kitty alone! LOL. my mobile batt was runnin low, didn't manage to catch a vid of it)

then, I made my presence known to him...

Meet Whaleson (hope i got the spellin rite!), the handsome parson terrier. can u see his psychotic eyes & evil grin???

loves his face!

this is MY KIND! i dunno his name as he juz came outta a groomin shop. a very huge boy! i gotta hav a sniff of his HUGE ding dongs! (M: ur sucha major gross!)

he tried to sniff me AGAIN! i made a whoppin huge turn to get him off me!!!

yipz.... finally a stroll w/o dat white one. PEACEFUL & CALM for my soul................................... for once.

Signin off,
peaceful & happy Vel

(M: ok lets not be so bad. @ least hav a pix of Cotton in ur post yea...)

ok, wateva. she's sucha whiney bitch. A cute one tho' I gotta admit.


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Looks like you had a nice woalk there Vel. Didn't you miss Cotton even a little bit?!

Katy x

Velvet said...

yes i enjoyed my solo walk wit M. nehz...cuz i noe i'll get to c this silly white thing once im hm! plus we already had an earlier walk together wit Cotton ;p


*licks K & M, as well as our dearest Oscar boy*

YuFFie said...

Oh man!!! Vel, can you ask cotton to teach me how to pose so sexily?