Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Me biological sis & mom!

M brought us down to collect the Remote Electric Trainin Collar for Cotton. The purpose & usage of it is identical to the typical choker. The few differences are that, the static level can be adjusted accordinly to the dog's reaction 2wards it. After the dog is clear with most/all commands, M can just use the "pager" mode, which only vibrates - servin as a reminder for the dog. Another button is the continuous mode - more for activation durin dog fights. But M shldn't be usin much of dat function, I tink. Also, the distance is up to half a mile. Its water-resistent too (except the remote).

M: (this trainin tool is not the least "cruel" as perceived by many. It is an excellent trainin tool for off-leash trainin. But I won't be goin to that level. The static level is juz a slight shock which I've testin on myself. Cot improved a great deal durin her usual walk today & in the shop. Sittin on command (with leash n e-collar), walkin slow, not barkin @ strangers. hope to see further improvements in time to come. & no, she doesn't resist me wearin the collar for her @ all..which is a gd sign of correct trainin. it is more of a negative followed by position reinforcements like praise n pats.)

Ok, enuf of Cot's story! MINE now! Me met one of my biological sister, MeiMei, & my biological Mom, Girl Girl today!

Mommy! im twice her weight @ 6.5kg!!

me mom may be tiny @ only 3kg. but u dogs better tink twice b4 messin wit MY MOM!



the hoo-mans rily tried HARD to get me to stay wit her. which i didn't c the need to

she juz can't get enuf of me

n again.......

the grumpy. &. the fluffy.

sisterly minds tink alike

Mei's very beautifully clipped. we're Goddesses. but i tink im a lil' wee bit nicer than her ;p

that's bout all the pix i've to share for today. so happy meetin them again... didn't see my biological bro, Tagen today. tink he was very dirty, thus, they didn't let him out.

oh yea we had fun with a black standard poodle named Boo aka Cash. Sorry i forgot his pix...he was so active! I was bz chasin him away frm my boootiful butt!!! Heard dat he was rehomed together with his other brother (a lab). pretty sad story....but i shan't elaborate......

dats all folks! tata hav a gr8 nite..... *yawnz*


YuFFie said...

Wow!! So glad to hear cotton improving!!! Mummy and Daddy are freaking bothered by my barking at strangers and guest when i'm in my territory. THink they are trying to get grandma friends to come over later to provoke my barking. It's something i cannot control you know?

Wet Licks

Vel said...

i noe, i noe! dats exactly wat we do too. its a terrier thing, ya noe. but i usually stop after a couple of mins, while our dear cotton wld juz go on n on n on.....

my advice to u: juz a couple of barks will suffice. dun b an irritant like cotton ;p