Monday, August 20, 2007

Ain't Mr. Ballie's day @ all...

Ok, since today was rainin dogs & many many dogs since early mornin, we couldn't go for our walks, YET, cuz of the wet ground. So................. Mom played ball wit us 1st. This ballie came free wit a purchase of, i dunno wat too.

u'll soon see why Cot's face is on the ball instead of mine...

Part 1 of "Fuels the Fun!"

Part 2 Twice-Bandaged Ballie

WATCH OUT FOR PART 3, The Finale. Will poor ballie live to see another day...

See how bent this vicious Cotton was on destroyin the poor ballie? How it was "repaired" over and over again? Did u see those huge & tiny lil' HOLES?? Those green maskin tapes?? Yes, that's y her face's on ballie! oh, it was already repaired once last night too.

I, on the other hand, was pretty slack bout the ball... See how I sat so cooly on the couch starin @ the white one in Part 2? i didn't c wat the big fuss was wit this soft lil' fragile ballie... as compared to.......................

MY lil' collection of TOUGH rubbery toys! I do hope to master the skill of rippin em apart 1 day tho'.

(M: now u see y I can NEVER ever get soft cuddly toys for them to play with. They normally get totally destroyed in less than an hr. I've managed to "save" some of the poor toys tho', & kept them for fond memories. Velvet still remembers all her fav. "puppy-love" toys weneva I take them out ;] some pix of one of her 1st few toys...)

Miss Pinky Lizzy eyes bein ripped off & severely wounded by ME ME ME!

Tail in the most sorryful state haha! (the previous Lizzy was 10 times worst!)

Er... these toys ARE made to me to destroy aren't they? Wats the use of keepin 'em as compared to givin to me????? Donch you agreeeeee???

(M: in case ur wonderin how we got the above pix, we got her to stand for bout 10-20 seconds on this book. This heat-sensitive book will then detect any heat source and thus... this! ;] )

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