Friday, August 3, 2007

Lower Seletar Reservoir

M brought us for a long walk to the reservoir @ 7am on 01 Aug '07. A few things happened to both us & M on that day. It was kinda like Friday the 13th I muz say! I'll explain as we go on yea...

on our way sniffin here n there

stoppin for a rest...

i was so eager to go on! but she's tired ;p


the bench's wet. i ain't sittin down!

M loves this pix of us...

yessss i was eyein THAT FISH!!!

mayb i cld catch some hm myself??? no?

M gave cot some dehydrated fishies!!!!

dashin for MY share!!!

cot lookin for fishies

me lookin @ that now-dead fishie....

wats she gleeeeeein @?????

geez.... doesn't she look like a lil' white seal?

i TOT i saw a pooooty cat?????

now, wat happened wen we were back hm. M was juz bout to unlock the front door when our neighbor's mongrel, Nancy came outta their house.

Well, she's pretty gd with people generally. BUT, not wit our dear Cotton. Wen she was only 3mths old, Nancy tried to bite her thru' our gate. Cot was happily tryin to lick lick lick her thru the gate. But apparently, Nancy juz didn't like her n tried very hard to nip her. Snarlin n growlin @ Cot while blur Cot was stil tryin her best to lick her!!! So frm then on, M forbade Cot to go near her judgin frm later experiences.

However, Nancy gets on pretty well with me eva since i was a pup. She's juz prolly bout 6mths to a yr older than me. We played alot together since young til now.

ok back to topic, Nancy came out & Cot was curious. Thus, she went bark bark bark @ her, eager to play. Then, Nancy's expression turned to a snarl, ears laid back, head down, back archin, starin str8 @ Cot. Cot was put into the house but managed to slip out n dashed 2wards Nancy barkin wit tail waggin. She started lickin her face n in a split sec, Nancy growled n pinned her down to the ground n tried to bite her neck. Cot SCREAMED til it can prolly be heard 3 blocks away & crouched into a corner whinnin. I had to hold on to Velvet in case she attacked Nancy to defend Cot. Instead she stood in front of Cot n growled slightly @ Nancy. D came out in the nick of time n snatched Cot back into the house b4 Nancy continued tryin to bite her. All while this was happenin, Nancy's owner did not do anythin to try stop the dog either by grabbin the scruff of her neck or simply tuggin her away (she wasn't leashed). All he did was, "oui oui oui" @ her n expectin her to stop!!! All these happened in bout less than a min.

After Cot was brought inside, he didn't even apologize nor asked if Cot was injured. All he startin sayin was, "ur dog's so fierce, my dog's so scared that she's tryin to defend herself. So she gotta bite her." (in chinese) btw, Nancy was THRICE Cotton's size, weighin @ bout 15-18kg. While Cot's only a mere 5.6kg. M juz didn't understand the owner's logic of Cotton 'attackin' Nancy wen its Nancy who pinned her down n tried to bite her neck.

M was shocked. But didn't retaliate much as he's our neighbor. Thus, she simply said dat Cot was in a playful position. NOT in attackin mode. Whereas Nancy was in a very aggressive position. He din bother to understand n continued sayin jokinly that Cot is VERY fierce. He's awiz believed we're very fierce n dat we go round attackin n eatin pple's flesh simply becuz we're on BARF. Ever since dey knew we're on BARF, dey've stopped touchin me...which dey awiz did b4. His wife even said she dare not touch me as im on BARF n dat i may juz eat up her entire hand. She didn't believe wen M told her I (b4 we had Cotton) got on very well wit strangers who came into our house. She then said, "becuz she noes ur fwens who come". M continued sayin, "no, dey're all strangers." well, she didn't believe it. so be it.

Oh n M's toe got injured by Nancy. She stepped on it n scratched it til its badly bruised. M checked thoroughly for any injuries on Cotton. Luckily, there were none.

(M: Vel didn't even dare play with Nancy anymore after Cot was brought in. She stucked close to my leg n stared waryly @ Nancy. Not noein wat to do)

Wats worst after that was, M's comp wldn't start-up!!! It was a long story. In the end, the technician could only come in earliest on Monday to replace the motherboard or hardware.

Yes, I'm now down @ M's fwen's place usin their lappy.
Sigh, its rily been a rather unluckin week for M, n prolly Cot too.

Take care all! I hope ur week ain't as unlucky as ours!


YuFFie said...

OH man!!! I hope cotton is doing alright!! You are so brave protecting cotton!!


The Airechicks said...


What's wrong with people...

Glad Cotton is okay - sorry Mum was injured...

Thank DOG nobody hurt......

Sorry about computer.....