Friday, August 10, 2007

Cotton's meets her Sis!

Ok, since this week I met my (biological) Mom & Sis, it is only fair that Cotton meets her biological Sis - Issabelle too!

Issabelle has an older sister too, a black & white American Cocker Spaniel - Tinkerbelle! They're the black & white sisters, juz like me & Cot! (M: ur a dark salt & pepper, not BLACK, altho' u look black)

Nvm, juz ignore that woman's yakkin. I still do look black to the normal hoo-mans eyes, rite? Right.

told ya I'M black!!

M: (u are VERY stubborn, aren't u?)

Issy & Tinky!

Naturally, the black plays wit the black... rite?

y do her legs look so big? i wish mine were as huge as hers!

she looks happy here. but i heard her barkin n barkin too. is she happy, or is she not?

I TOLD HER TO SIT STILL! so that we nid not take anymore! SHE RUINED IT!

n so we had to take again... *we sensed D was bringin us some foodie*

& again...

n again................................... my M's so crazy

dey tried to steal some foodie?!?!!?!

they pretended nothin happened when I came to check things out. how dumb did they tink i am???

M: (Cot was SUPER gd when her fwens came over to play today. NEVER once barked @ their mommy. & was VERY fwenly wit her. er...i tink its the 2nd time she's met her only. She wasn't like how protective she used to be whereby she'll BARKBARKBARK wen the stranger stands up to go somewhere in the house. Today, the "stranger" could go anywhere & everywhere n she doesn't make a single noise @ her. basically, she behaved as if she wasn't a stranger @ all. As u can c frm the pix, she was wearin the remote e-collar durin that time. After that I brought them both down to send them off. She saw a mother n her daughter lookin thru the glass panels of a petshop. thus, cotton went to be fwenly wit the mom. lickin n askin for attention w/o barkin , which is EXTREMELY gd. n that woman juz suddenly backed off very suddenly n said to her daughter that she wonders if this dog would bite her n wat will happen if she bites her etc. then cotton sensed her apprehension n behaviour 2wards her n thus, she barked a lil'. which i then corrected her n she sat n became silent. honestly, i wondered wat dat woman was doin or tinkin @ all. n she kept sayin to her daughter after dat, "how come her face so weird." she was like in a gossipy position to her daughter! I was a lil' pissed off as cotton was so fwenly 2wards her n she gave off sucha negative vibe to her instead. n wats with the color of her face?? she was borned with an eye condition. we didn't ask for it. sigh... MOST SINGAPOREANS can never learn to be kind n gracious to animals.)


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