Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cherimoya Tunneling Through!

And so Cherimoya is 42 days (6 weeks exactly) young today. It sure feels as tho' we've had her for forever.

she just woke up!

and proceeded to play with her toilet roll...

... and her tunnel! tunneling through cutely


HairQ Test Results by Dr. Peter Dobias

On 05 Apr 2013, Mom cut some of our hairs and sent them over to Canada via air for HairQ Test. And Mom received the results early this morning via email. You may also head over to Dr. Dobias' Facebook Page for more info on holistic health.

Mom says it's good to know what minerals we're lacking and the presence of heavy metal toxin levels in our body as we age. HairQ had some pretty good discounts then and so she purchased them at S$409.46 for 3 packages for the 3 of us. Each test cost USD129 but they had a discount so Mom paid USD99 for each excluding USD25 for shipping/handling charges.

Hair test is available for humans, animals (even reptiles and fishes, using scales). Mom think's it's pretty interesting.

Now we'll take you through the simple process and the results! Cotton's results is not good at all compared to mine and Chewy's. There's a few more results showing the ratio between some of the minerals... but we shall leave that out as it looks pretty complicated (to Mom at least).

The see-through colored circles were added in by Mom (using Dr. Dobias' guidelines in his examples at his website) for a clearer understanding. Don't know why my calcium level is SKY HIGHHH. Our recent full-panel bloodwork on 01 April showed it was okay!

We're also not fed any fishes or fish oil or any marine animals at all except for krill oil (which is at the lowest end of the marine food chain)... hence, our results showed we've no mercury in us except for Chewy which Mom simply can't understand the reason behind it. Besides fishes, vaccines will also cause mercury poisoning in our bodies as mentioned by Dr. Dobias. But of cuz we're all not vaccinated so this possibility is also out. This is an extremely good read by Dr. Dobias between dogs fed fish and dogs that are not fed fish and the mercury levels between them. You may also refer to the comments/replies at his FB page.

the packages

how to get the correct amount of hair

my hair

cotton's hair

chewy's hair

my results! no idea why my calcium level is SKY HIGH

my additional elements results

Cotton's results (which Mom says is pretty bad.. she's kinda disappointed)

Cotton's additional elements results

Chewy's results

Chewy's additional elements results

Friday, April 26, 2013

Calico Long Hair Syrian in Mini Trolleys

Cherimoya is 41 days young today and growing cuter and bigger by the day. I still can't get over her... she's the last thing on my mind before I slp and the first when I awake. I never fail to always sneak a last glance at Cherimoya before I go into my room at night with Mom... and then I rush outta the room just to greet her every morning lol. Cotton and Chewy are kinda numb towards her already but NOT me! I loveeeeeee small animals to the max and can never get enough of them.

Mom and Dad bought mini trolleys for her today and snapped some pix of her in them.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cherimoya's Cute Photoshoot

Cherimoya turns 37 days young today. Still weighing the same though despite growing bigger.

Mom absolutely adores these mega-adorable pix of her... and she hopes you will too!

trying to look like ET, haha!

hammies are clean freaks like kitties too

Qns: hey mom, wanna see how cute can a ham get?????

answer: beyond infinity!

hee hee... gotcha there

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cat, Rat and Dogs

Cherimoya's brand new zoozone 2 large cage (100cm by 51cm by 37cm) arrived yesterday. UP at S$116.65 and Mom got it at a discounted rate of S$85. It's meant for rabbits actually... but syrian hamsters are not tiny like dwarf hamsters so it'll suit them as well with some modifications to the top cover securing it with a barbeque mesh because hamsters are talented escapists.

Here's 36 days young Cherimoya with us.

cat & rat

cherimoya's epic face

staring at my LOVE!

calico cat sniffing calico syrian hammie

reaching for her sweet potato

bad pix but SO CUTE!

with her calcium chewing block to grind her teeth

trying to eat her bedding

this is a 2 ft by 1.1 ft by 1 ft tank
the bare minimum living space for a syrian