Friday, April 12, 2013

Cherimoya the Calico (aka Tortoiseshell Banded) Syrian Hamster

For some reasons (which we may or may not blog about these reasons later on), Mom and Dad has been looking for a Long Hair (LH) calico (proper color term in the hammie's world would be tortoiseshell banded) syrian hamster for quite awhile but to no avail as this color is pretty rare. A shop even quoted Mom S$300 for such a color. In the end, as luck would have it... a breeder got back to them to inform that she may have a potential calico syrian in her litter of six.

And so Cherimoya was born on 16 March 2013. Colors could only be seen about 2 weeks later. Mom and Dad went to view her and the initial asking price for Cherimoya was S$100 - $120 if her color turns out to be a rich and vibrant calico like her grandmother.

Ah... why the name Cherimoya? Cherimoya is another term for custard apple. Mom wanted to name her Broccoli initially but Dad remembered the fruit Cherimoya and thought it's a pretty cool and unique name. Now I feel so left out... Cotton, Chewy, Cherimoya (Mom: it's all coincidental!)... and I'm Velvet. Oh well, I guess I'm very super special.

The breeder is a pretty okay one according to Mom as there's absolutely no inbreeding or mass breeding. And she's totally cool and open with Mom asking about the dam and sire... taking pictures and videos of all her critter and asking questions.

Some of the first few pix of young Cherimoya sent to Mom by the breeder and info on her family. If you're wondering why the dam and sire can't be pictured together... it is because syrian hamsters, unlike dwarfs, are

Litter of 6 (1 calico tri-color, 1 Dove tortoiseshell Banded / tri-color Satin, 1 black tortoiseshell, 1 black satin (only male), 1 Yellow Black Banded, 1 Dove Banded.

Grandmother - Long Hair (LH) Calico
Mommy - LH Black Tortoiseshell
Daddy - LH Yellow Banded Satin

DOB: 16 March 2013
Home on 12 April 2013 (26 days young)

6 days young Cherimoya

19 days young Cherimoya

cherimoya's grandmother (a LH beautiful calico)

cherimoya's mother (a LH black tortoiseshell)

cherimoya's father (a LH yellow banded satin)

[10 Apr 2013] 25 days young

this face totally sealed the deal for Mom

And so Cherimoya comes home... last few shots of her biological family.

Cherimoya's biological Mom!

Cherimoya's biological Dad (printshot from vid)

Cherimoya's Grandma!

Mom with one of her pups

pregnant grandma due. gave birth to her 2nd litter on 13 March 2013

my ideal color

middle's the runt of the litter - a Dove tortoiseshell Banded / tri-color Satin

home! (temporary housing)

two calicoes in the house! one's a kitty, one's a hammie

Cotton loves ''studying'' her new family members
top: when cotton first met chewy
bottom: when cotton first met cherimoya

lil' cherimoya

a printshot from a vid! cherimoya's first organic food at home


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