Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cat, Rat and Dogs

Cherimoya's brand new zoozone 2 large cage (100cm by 51cm by 37cm) arrived yesterday. UP at S$116.65 and Mom got it at a discounted rate of S$85. It's meant for rabbits actually... but syrian hamsters are not tiny like dwarf hamsters so it'll suit them as well with some modifications to the top cover securing it with a barbeque mesh because hamsters are talented escapists.

Here's 36 days young Cherimoya with us.

cat & rat

cherimoya's epic face

staring at my LOVE!

calico cat sniffing calico syrian hammie

reaching for her sweet potato

bad pix but SO CUTE!

with her calcium chewing block to grind her teeth

trying to eat her bedding

this is a 2 ft by 1.1 ft by 1 ft tank
the bare minimum living space for a syrian

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