Monday, April 1, 2013

Annual Blood Test, Heartworm Test and Urinalysis

So it's time for our annual full panel bloodwork, heartworm test and urinalysis. Not bad at all except that Chewy's pee is a lil' towards the alkaline side (pH 8) and mine towards the acidic side (pH 5), best is around pH 7. I'm the best with no probs except the vet mentioned that I could use a lil' extra 200g of weight. Last year, Cotton had a Grade 2 Patella Luxation on her right hind leg. And now at 7 years young, she's having a lil' arthritis on her foreleg as the vet could hear some ''cracking'' sounds when she bent Cotton's legs here and there to check. So Mom will have to start her on Garden of Life Ultra (a glucosamine) now.

Mom only managed to free-catch my pee while walking outside the vet's... she missed Cotton's because she kept moving and moving away from the bottle. Chewy's pee was extracted by the vet by squeezing her bladder slightly and her pee squirted out unto the table and the vet simply used a syringe to collect the sample lol. Mom's so proud of Chewy cuz she's such a good and patient kitty. So in the end, Cotton didn't have a urinalysis done.

The vet was also pretty shocked and yet amazed by Chewy's dirty ears. Unlike mine and Cotton's ears which have never been cleaned for as long as we've lived by Mom and are yet so clean, Chewy's ears are always dirty. No infection or mites anything like that... it's just dirty. But when the vet looked deeper into her ear canals... she said, ''wow inside so clean!'' And just told Mom to prolly wipe off the dirt on the ouside of the ears haha. But Mom couldn't really be bothered as long as it poses no health issues or anything like that.

Yups... that's our weird Chewy.

Oh yea and we're all heartworm-free too.

My results:

Cotton's results:

Chewy's urinalysis:

Chewy didn't have her bloodwork done as she just did it on 06 Dec 2012

And here's our weight. Cotton's weight is perfect for her legs according to the vet so as not to add any unnecessary load to her legs... Chewy's also of a good weight for her frame (still able to feel some bones, if ur not able to feel any bones... ur fat)... and as for me... I could use a lil' 200g more. Some ppl have mentioned before that Mom starves us. Well, I'm not a mini schnauzer who should be 7kg and all like most... and besides, I'm always ''flying'' everywhere at home so Mom believes its way better to keep my weight down.

It just doesn't mean that you're starved if one is lean.. Mom simply goes by the theory of eating quality food in minimum quantity instead of stuffing oneself to the brim with... well... not-so-good-foods. Mom and Dad are both also eating very minimal but quality (raw) food each day unlike the diet of most typical humans. It's a lil' hard to go into lifestyle issues because you'd have to read ALOT to know the details. But don't worry, we're definitely not starving of nutrients =)

And after our consult, we met a 7 months young diluted calico kitty! SHE'S SOOO PRETTY with her blue eyes and all mom says.. and I second that!

Total damage? S$500.76 after a discount of S$42.

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