Thursday, March 28, 2013

My 8th Barkday with my Bro and Mom

Happy barkday to me! Just like last year today, Mom brought my bro, Tagen and my mom Girl Girl out again on my birthday. Some pretty sad news that she heard today while picking them up... but we'll skip that part... because I want today's post about my birthday to be a happy one!

8... time passes so quickly. I hope I'll have 2 more eights with Mom and Dad? Mom calls me her heart dog. Meaning, like a soul mate. A dog that she'll never have again... unless I specifically choose to return to her. So I hope to be her heart dog for as long as I can.

This year Tagen and Girl weren't as co-orperative as last year in taking pix! I'm always the same, pretty cool about it all. Mom asks me to pose, I try to pose.

that's my fat bro

my dog-mom!

my bro's signature pose

That's all and again! A very happy barkday to me and my bro!

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Honey the Great Dane said...

Happy Birthday!

And I think the pictures are great! Really shows your personalities! ;-)

Honey the Great Dane