Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maneki Meow at Jurong Point

It happened last year and we were there again today! But this time, Chewy isn't in any of the two pageant contests (Singapore's Next Top Feline and The Search for the Most Prosperous Cat) cuz Mom just didn't like nor feel like going up on stage haha. So Chewy was only in the Maneki Neko Look-Alike contest which only required a photo submission.

Poor Cotton had to be left at home again because she's ain't calm and cool like me towards cats (cats and more cats). So it's not really appropriate for her to be there barking and barking all day long scaring all the kitties there and attracting unwanted attention. And so she cried  and cried and howled her lungs out at home.

This was the look-alike contest! Lookie at who Chewy was looking at!

And Misty Nightcrawler Chow's in it too! Spot the Nighcrawler!

Then ppl started patting Chewy and requesting to carry her and even complimenting going ga-ga over her soft coat. I was feeling so left out... everyone was kinda shock seeing me cuz I was just about the only dog walking around there. Except for another rescued chihuahua who went up on stage with his rescuer for a brief talk.

Dad emptied the contents of the goodie bag unto the car and dumped Chewy into the bag haha!

watch your steps, hoomans..

overhead a lady saying ''她的五官''
(''she has beautiful facial features'')

balancing kitty

We headed over to Pets' Station located at the basement and both staff and customers were amused with a kitty in a bag with a walking dog lol. And Chewy did piggies-watching too.

see that red cat condo behind? Chewy was heading towards it lol

plushie in goodie bag!

We were there for only 2.5 hours... left at 1630 hours and didn't stay for the results which would only be out at 1800 hours.

But I'm so beat... trust me when I say cat-watching IS mentally-draining.

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