Thursday, April 26, 2007

Massacre of DOLPHINS in Japan

Dear all, juz to share wit u guys a video (not for the faint hearted) of the massacre of DOLPHINS in Japan. I never knew Mankind could ever perform such merciless acts towards our innocent fella marine friends! This is horrible! WHAT ARE THE JAPANESE DOIN?!?!?!?!?!!

Massacre of poor dolphins in JAPAN

Sign the petition @:

Monday, April 23, 2007


Mom decided to film us eatin today! It's our bathein day today... AKA... Raw eggy day! yes Mom only give us raw eggs on our bathein days cuz our mouths are always a big MESS. How messy? Watch the vid~

chic wing tips, beef, raw egg wit pounded shells, washed ikan bilis (anchovies), carrots & a capsule of oil of oregano.

After our baths...

our nemesis... the BIG strong blower! AHHHHHH!!!!!! (M: she's exaggeratein. But it sure is fast to dry 'em both totally - approximately 15mins for both.)

This was taken 3hrs plus later after Cotton was groomed. I had to be on the groomin table wit her juz for the shoot... OMG... gimmie a break................. (luckily I was already groomed last wk *for my contest shoot, remember? phew)*

ok one last happy pose for Mom for her hard effort...

yawnz, signin off,

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My lil' Guinea Pigs! Wheeeeeeeek!!!

Mom decided to bathe our lil' friend Bobby today! (mom: in case you didn't noe, he's a Guinea Pig). Some pix to share with you guys!

A wet PIG!!!

Mom dryin him & checkin for mites @ the same time

Viola!!! A dried PIG!!! (mom: he has a NAME...)

handsome BOBBY!!!

like a mop???

here's Cotton checkin him out

alright me next... im tryin to kiss HIM! *irresistable*

Actually, we're supposed to have another pig...called Cotton. But Mom changed his name to Sirus (pronounced as Cy-Rius). Mom adopted the 2 of them... they grew up together. Sadly, Sirius passed away a week later after joinin us. Mom rushed him to the vet upon noein he's sick. Sadly, he didn't make it...

Here's some pix M took of Sirius when he 1st joined us... (mom: juz FYI, Bobby is a Sheltie. Sirius is a Texel)

Don't they both look so sweeeeet???

RIP Sirius. You will always be remembered.

Mom's very 1st Guinea Pig was adopted too. His name is Herbie. He's a crossed between a Peruvian & *I dunno what*. His ex-owners, upon buyin a Shih Tzu puppy, decided to give him up. Thus, it was fated that Mom took him in.

The whole family loved him alot. He's been with Mom wayyy before us! Sadly, he left us about nearly 2yrs later due to a viral infection (flu). The vet's medicine was useless. He died in Mom's hands 3 days later even though he was on the medication.

(mom: RIP Herbie. We will always love & you'll be in our hearts forever. You were a gd boy. Stay happy in Piggyland yah...)

Lotsa love, kisses & wheeeeeeeks to all my lovely Guinea Pigs (wheeeeeeeek),


p/s: Mom will update on our other 2 friends soon IF she remembers to take more current pix of them~ (mom: she meant our two chinchillas)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Mom took me for a studio shoot!! It was a contest shoot for...

yes...courtesy of themen@work & Clubpets magazine

Accordin to mom, I was pretty uncoorperative there. She kept askin me to 'sit' & 'down' for the photographer!! I couldn't!! I simply had to check the whole place out!! I wasn't done!! (mom: u & ur 101 excuses!)

Anyways, I think I did pretty well! Mom chose 5 other pics (excludin) the one to submit for the contest. The pic to be submitted will be a complimentary 5R print for ME! For the rest...well, mom had to PAY for them LOL!! (mom: u meany)

on Grandpa's friend's cabbie!

y do u have to snap every single thing???

(Contest Shot) This is the shot to be submitted for the contest (photographer said I had "eye contact" here)

1) (mom: I love this one dun ask me y. There's some 'air' bout her here ;p)




5) (mom: another one of my favs!! its a pity the photographer said she had no 'eye contact' in this shot.)

I saw 14 other contestants' shots b4 mine (btw, I overheard the photographer mentionin that he's expectin a total of 40-50 contestants). They were superb! I honestly don't think I stand a chance of winnin. Darn! I shouldn't have monkeyed around too much durin the shoot (mom: too late for regrets now, woman! *smirks*).

honestly, do u peeps even think im capable of winnin?????????? hmm...

But its ok mom! It was for the experience, fun, joy & laughter! hahaha.

Enjoy my beeeee-euuu-ti-ful pix fellas! I gotta go get my foodies now!! ciaoz!

Queen Vel

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Finding Beau

This post today is dedicated entirely to Beau - the (dog-napped) English Setter in Australia. Beau's Mom, Susan has been searchin for her since 2nd July 2003 til NOW. All in all she has spend $20,000 (still countin), not to mention the emotional grieve & her physical health. Her love for Beau is beyond words.

"I will not allow a human to degrade my love for Beau. The behaviour and feelings of a dog, or any animal, is far superior to that of most humans in our society today." -Susan

"One day I decided to count the number of kilometres I had travelled and it was 832. Over the last 3 1/2 years I have spent so many days travelling 12 hours non-stop searching for Beau." -Susan

"I literally flooded the Gold Coast and surrounding areas with advertising as well as displaying Beau's flyers and hammering up Beau's posters everywhere I went." -Susan

"I am 55 years old and I’m in more debt now than ever in my life. I do not regret in any way what I have done to try to find Beau." -Susan

"In my search for Beau I have met the very best and the very worst of people, and everything in between. The contrast in human nature is ‘mind boggling’." -Susan (Mom: this is sad, but all so true.)

Please read more about Beau & Susan's determined search for her @

Please help in any ways you can to spread her word. Let's all pray for Beau's safety & her return. Not forgettin Susan too... May she be blessed with Beau's return soon...

May God bless you Beau...

Velvet, Cotton, Lauryn

Thursday, April 5, 2007

MY flirtmate... bwahahahah

Who was I waitin for early in the mornin...???

...Xue!!!!! the white schnauzer was here wit us today! Doesn't he look wayyy too *yummy*? er..i mean CHARMIN. & yes WE flirted the entire mornin...

Ryuzaki VS Light Yagami (Kira)........ (if u watched Deathnote dat is)

Xue after groomin pix! (looks wayyy yummier than earlier, gals???)

*sobz* no more playin wit Vel after my groomin...

Signin off,
the Queen, Vel ;p