Saturday, April 7, 2007

Finding Beau

This post today is dedicated entirely to Beau - the (dog-napped) English Setter in Australia. Beau's Mom, Susan has been searchin for her since 2nd July 2003 til NOW. All in all she has spend $20,000 (still countin), not to mention the emotional grieve & her physical health. Her love for Beau is beyond words.

"I will not allow a human to degrade my love for Beau. The behaviour and feelings of a dog, or any animal, is far superior to that of most humans in our society today." -Susan

"One day I decided to count the number of kilometres I had travelled and it was 832. Over the last 3 1/2 years I have spent so many days travelling 12 hours non-stop searching for Beau." -Susan

"I literally flooded the Gold Coast and surrounding areas with advertising as well as displaying Beau's flyers and hammering up Beau's posters everywhere I went." -Susan

"I am 55 years old and I’m in more debt now than ever in my life. I do not regret in any way what I have done to try to find Beau." -Susan

"In my search for Beau I have met the very best and the very worst of people, and everything in between. The contrast in human nature is ‘mind boggling’." -Susan (Mom: this is sad, but all so true.)

Please read more about Beau & Susan's determined search for her @

Please help in any ways you can to spread her word. Let's all pray for Beau's safety & her return. Not forgettin Susan too... May she be blessed with Beau's return soon...

May God bless you Beau...

Velvet, Cotton, Lauryn


Oscar Airedale said...

We have been praying for Beau's safe return ever since we heard the story.

Oscar x

Hammer said...

Dear Velvet, Cotton, Lauryn

Thank you very much for this post about my brother, Beau. Also, please thank your mum and dad for their kind post on the Dogsites forum which was started by Boo Boo and Bond's mum and dad.

We are so very grateful to you all.

Love from your friend, Hammer

Vel said...

it was nothin, hammer. we truly hope Beau will return home safely one day. wish we could do more for Beau.

Beau will be blessed by God no matter where he is now... *sobz*

the 3 gals...