Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our RAW Organic/Free-Range Meats, Organic Veg & Organic Tonics

This is a belated Christmas post. A VERY VERY belated one indeed.

Every1 whom knows Mom... noes what she doesn't believe in givin us 'presents' for special occasions like our bark-days, christmas, CNY, etc.

Last year's Christmas, Mom decided that she shall give us not 'any presents', but PERMANENT presents instead. Because Mom doesn't believe in giftin us only on special occasions... why can't everyday be a gift from Mom to us? So Mom decided that investment on our diet, is the best...

What's our Permanent Presents? well, Mom has decided to give us raw Organic Free Range meats instead of the normal ones as seen here in early 2007 when we first embarked on a RAW FOOD DIET. Mom has come a long way in understandin' more abt our modern day's food & she even became a vegan! But she'll never make us vegans like her as there's not a large enough variety of organic veg/parts for us to have a balanced vegan diet. Morever, we're natural-born CARNIVORES while humans are natural-born HERBIVORES (be it teeth structure, bite style, length of intestinal tracts etc) Hence, she'll settle for organic grade for all our meats/eggs/veg/herbs.

(Mom: I pay much, much more for organic food for my bitches & I will continue to do so. The fact is, I’d rather give the money to the producers of the organic food than to give it to the vets to try to cure my bitches of whatever was caused by all that pesticide residue that’s on fruits and vegetables and heaven-knows-what kind of antibiotics and growth hormones are in meat and dairy products.)

UPDATE (2011): Chewy the kitten, our new family member will also be havin' the exact same organic raw foods as the furry bitches... but WITHOUT organic blended veg as cats can only consume digested veg directly from their prey's stomachs.

Here are some pix to share on the organic Raw foods we've daily. Our RMBs (Raw Meaty Bones) come from our whole organic chickens when Mom debones them. The bones are then divided to fill up all the individual packs of food. Another source of calcium will come from our Organic Eggshell Powder.

& of cuz, we eat all things RAW in its natural state. We absolutely DO NOT believe in consumin' foods processed via heat.
Just an update on all the (Organic) RAW stuff we eat daily:

- Organic Whole Chicken (with innards & Bones), approx. 60g meats&skin & 30-50g bones each
- Wild Kangaroo Striploin, approx. 60g (alternating with Organic Beef & Organic Pork etc) each
- Whole Rabbit (with innards & Bones), approx. 60g (alternating with Organic Whole Chicken) each, but only one rabbit per 2-3 months
- Organic Beef (different cuts), approx. 50g each
- Organic Pork (different cuts), approx. 50g each,
- Organic Diced Lamb, approx. 50g each, 
- Free-Range Sweetbread, a tiny piece approx. 1 to 2g each
- Free-Range Veal Kidneys/Lamb Livers, a tiny piece approx. 1 to 2g each
- Organic Eggs,
- Organic Blended Veg&Herbs (15+ different veg&herbs blended together), approx. 2 to 3 MOUNTAIN teaspoons each
- Organic Chia Seed, 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoons each
- Truganic SUPERFOOD, a pinch each
- Organic & Non-Organic Fruits, varying in a good high amount daily
- Organic & natural home-made Healthy Powder (comprisin' of Natural Nutritional Yeast, Organic Lecithin Granules, Organic Thorvin Kelp & Organic Eggshell Powder), approx. 3/4 to 1 teaspoon each

All in all, approx. S$500++ for 3 bitches & a cat's Natural Organic Raw Foods per month.

Raw Organic Meats

Whole Raw Rabbit (with giblets). Can be considered as free-range even if it's farmed

Refer here for more info on our raw rabbit meat (S$43/kg)

1.6kg to 1.8kg Organic Rosie Whole Chicken

Size comparison

as above. Giblets are chucked inside

Giblets. Some are missin' in Rosie's

After deboning. bones are also consumed by them, just that I prefer to debone

Eberly 1.3kg Organic Whole Chicken

This is the deboned chicken (from above pix). They will be packed in such a way that if the meats (right) can be divided into say 20 packets, the bones will be cut up & divided into the 20 packets too. That way, nothin is wasted as bones are calcium for us too & not to mention organic stuff are super, super ex. Plus, we'll get a small & reasonable amt of bones everyday aside from our organic eggshell powder for calcium.

1.8kg Whole Organic P. Chicken (refer here as to how Mom prepares them for us)

left & right respectively as above's pix

This is Eberly's Chicken after being deboned with 2 scissors only. (eg if the meats on the left can be divided into 20 packets, the bones will be cut & divided into the 20 packets too. Nothing is wasted)

U.S Eberly's Organic Boneless Chic Breast

P. Organic Boneless Chicken Breast

Rosie's Organic Boneless Chicken Breast

Sweetbread from Free-Range Veal (refer here for more info)

as above

Organic Beef Ribeye & Tenderloin (the most expensive cuts!)

as above

Organic Beef for Stew

very tender once again & much easier to pack

Organic Beef (oyster part)

Organic Beef Front

Organic Beef Back. Fats are graded fats which are good...

Organic Tenderloin Pork

approx. 340g S$45.75 (before disc)

Organic Diced Pork

500g S$25 (before disc)

Organic Diced Lamb
500g S$30 (before disc)
Organic Oxtail
S$28.40 (before disc)

Grass-Fed Lamb (not feedin' this anymore)

wild organic kangaroo meat

our direct supplier is no longer sellin it thus, the price now is much higher...

Organic eggs (even the shells are fully utilized into eggshell powder)

We're on this current brand (OVASTON ORGANICS) as the above is no longer available

[Updated on 070311] So far, its basically Organic Whole Chicken, Organic Beef, Wild Organic Kangaroo, Whole Rabbit, Organic Eggs, & offals such as Lamb Kidneys/Livers, Free-range Veal Kidneys & Free-Range Veal Sweetbread (veal organs are kept to a minimal level as veal farming is 1 of the most cruel industries) for our daily organic raw meats/bones


Raw Organic Veg/herbs/tonic/fruit

Our daily blend of 15+ different organic veg + tonics + herb + fruit (click to enlarge image)

Organic Chia Seeds (read more here)

organic apples blended together with the above. Avoid feedin veg blend together with meats/eggs if ur addin fruits into it.

Organic Dried Burdock Root

Organic Healthy Powder containin organic nutritional yeast, organic eggshell powder, organic thorvin kelp meal, organic lecithin granules. 3/4 teaspoon - 1 tsp EACH per day.

Blend part by part

Final outcome (15+ different organic veg + herbs together)

Everythin's blended in small amounts of EACH veg/herb, thus, preventin over-feedin of certain veg. That's what most HCF-ers tend to do, by overfeedin on a particular veg (eg most famous r carrots & broccoli, these 2 are high in sugars, as well as uric acid respectively) everyday as you can't possibly cook 10 different veggies daily. By no means am I sayin to avoid carrots & broccoli forever. They've their nutritional values too like beta-carotene etc, juz be careful not to overload on the daily amounts as it'll add up to ALOT over-time on a daily basis.

"LESS IS MORE" is the theory we go by.

Our home-made Yogurt is made via these Organic Milk combined with Bacteria (from a local healthstore) to cultivate Yogurt. (note: we're all no longer on yogurt due to 2 reasons)


Raw Non-Organic stuffs [Updated on 281210, we don't eat non-organic meats anymore except for some free-range offals]

NZ Venison (no longer feedin' this)

French Duck (no longer feedin' this)

skin off

Veal Hearts

Lamb Kidneys

Beef Tongue (no longer feedin' this)

Salmon Belly (front) update on 2011: no longer feeding fishes too

Salmon Belly (Back)

Pure Honey & Bee Venom frm NZ. (note: no longer havin' honey nor any bee pdts too)

how bee products benefit dogs (n humans) read Here

as its very Pure, its suppose to be eaten directly, NOT dissolved in water.

how it (Pure Honey) looks like. thick & gluey

bee pollen (granules) Benefits: read Here

pure Celtic Sea Salt


mymeowz said...

Hooray for all natural raw diet!! So good to find fellow raw eaters.

Where does your Mom buy your meats esp the sweetbread and kangaroo? My Mummy has been giving me chicken hearts, cow liver, cow lung, veal kidney and pig kidney but she doesn't know where to find sweetbread. Also she's very keen to add kangaroo to my range of meats.

*birdee* the alpha miniature schnauzer bitch said...

yeah! esp kitty kats! I don't think we've heard of any other raw kitty kats from SG thus far (from online) except u Misty!

ahhh I think u can get them from Meat The Butcher.

Mom used to get VERY gd deals for kangie. 1st was from a supplier at staff price at only S$26/kg! then it increased to S$32/kg. After they stopped bringin' in, Mom got them at normal end-user's price S$55/kg. And now they've also stopped bringin' it in!! So now the only place still carryin it that Mom knows is Meat The Butcher at S$74.50/kg! Just look at the vast increment! =[[[

mymeowz said...

Ooh..Mummy will be sure to ask Meat the Butcher about the sweetbread and kangaroo. The other day she asked about cow heart and Eric said he had to check if they could get offal for me.

We know a few other cats who are on BARF raw patties (that's what I started with) and a Persian whose mummy is trying to switch her to raw but she is super super fussy eater and only willing to eat raw pork and raw prawns so far. Her mummy tried chicken, beef, salmon..all kena rejected.

*birdee* the alpha miniature schnauzer bitch said...

yup i think u can try askin them to bring them in for u cuz they're not really in demand.

Mom doesn't like the idea of commercial patties =[ because we won't know exactly what's in there. but its still nonetheless a better option than kibbles for the busy ppl out there.

maybe the persian kitty needs more time. mommy knows of some other cats that simply won't eat raw. lucky for chewy i think we influenced her the moment she came here LOL! or she knew she had no other choice haha!