Monday, January 25, 2010

How To Make Organic Eggshell Powder

(Scroll below for updated post and current price of home-made eggshell powder (using better quality off-white eggshells) as we're no longer selling the imported eggshell powder in our website)

Mom & Dad spent 2 hours doing up our organic eggshell powder today. We've blogged about it in 2008 when Mom 1st attempted at it. But there're some changes now & we hope to be more detailed about how we do it.

If anyone's interested in making it for their dogs, below are the detailed steps involved.

Buy the eggs. This is 1 of the brands we're fed with thrice a week

Above brand is no longer available, hence we're on Ovaston Organics Eggs now

Wash the shells (we wash with Diamond Water so that chlorine is not absorbed into the organic eggshells) & sun-dry them. The membranes are peeled off & fed raw to us together with the insides as they provide good calcium for the joints

This' the amount of organic eggshells which Mom so carefully collected after feedin the eggs to us twice a week.

Bake them at 148.8 deg C (300 deg F) for 10 minutes. Accordin to Dr. Pitcairns book, this removes a mineral-oil coatin sometimes added to keep eggs from dryin out. It also makes the shells dry & brittle enough to grind to a fine powder. Grind well enough to eliminate sharp, gritty pieces.

REMEMBER to peel off the labeled parts after they're baked as the ink cannot be injested

Put them into the grinder

How it looks like after grindin

Sift the powder out with an extremely fine sifter. Those that are unrefined can't pass thru the sifter.

We get this much of powder after an hr odd

The mess you can be sure to expect while doing this

Powder on the left. Bigger unrefined pieces on the right (parts that cannot be ground to a powdery form).


Note the difference in form & texture (do not dispose off the unrefined pieces. they can be kept & added onto the mixture of Healthy Powder too)

The organic eggshell powder will be put into a glass jar to be refrigerated

This can last us for a year odd!

A clearer pix of it (taken last year).


If you aren't using organic eggshells, try to get the whitish ones which are slightly more expensive and better than the regular brown ones. We're now selling the white eggshell powder and no longer the imported eggshell powder. There's much difference in the end-result of the powder between the commercial imported one and home-made one.

A good coffee grinder to use. Speed should be High

Whitish eggs and brown ones

30 eggshells washed and membrane/red ink portion removed

very fine manual sifting to separate power from grits

current ESP for sale ~ 200g white eggshell powder + 150g grits for SGD50 

The organic eggshell powder will be mix with other organic food (below) to be made into Healthy Powder.

Organic Nutritional Yeast

Organic Lecithin Granules

Organic Thorvin Kelp Meal

Mix everythin up & you'll get a nice jar of Healthy Powder

Natural Bonemeal (for customers' Healthy Powder)

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