Sunday, July 27, 2008

Organic/Natural Healthy Powder Supplement (Click this)

"Healthy Powder"

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL BE PACKIN THE FOUR INGREDIENTS SEPARATELY FOR ALL CUSTOMERS NOW FOR TRANSPARENCY PURPOSES. Customers can choose to mix the entire supplement up themselves via light grindin or simply mixin with a spoon.

From Top Left (Clock-wise) : Organic Nutritional Yeast, Organic Lecithin Granules, Organic Thorvin Kelp Meal, Natural Bonemeal. (Natural free-range eggshell powder is left out in this pix)

Pix of all our quality ingredients:

Organic Nutritional Yeast

Organic Lecithin Granules

Organic Thorvin Kelp (Imported)

Organic Eggshell Powder (Home-Made by Mom specially for us)

Natural Grounded Bonemeal Supplement (Replacing Organic Eggshell Powder above for the sale of Healthy Powder. Brand is blurred due to sales purpose)

Our end-product. Our very own Organic (or Natural) Healthy Powder.

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yz said...

Hi, how big is a bottle of the Healthy Powder?