Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cotton's Groom - FINALLY

Lets see... it's really been a long, loong, looong, looooooong time since Mom did a full-groom on Cotton. Her last full-groom was on 27th of March '08. After then, its been basic groomin all the way (w/o scissorin her coat). Til now, 22 weeks later, she gets her full groom, FINALLY!

Thus, Dad nagged Mom to throw her a full-groom today! Mom reluctantly did, as its soooo tirin to scissor her whole body!

ok... we forgot to snap a Before pix of her today. Thus, we'll use a most recent pix (on 14/8/08) of her in her crazily looong & unruly coat. It's been 'bout 2.5 weeks since this pix, so u can imagine how much more unruly she's lookin now.

Dozens of ppl have mistook her for a long-coat Maltese. & when Mommy says she's a Bichon Frise, they start sayin WOW wat a HUGE gigantic Bichon u've there! & when Mommy says she's actually quite under-sized (5kg), they laugh & tink Mom's lyin thru her teeth.

So, lets take a look @ her after Mom scissored her entire body, legs, head & tail for a whole 3.5 hours today. Shavin would be way faster & easier, but the end-result wouldn't look as nice as Scissorin.

& no, Mom didn't edit her muzzle fur/face to be whiter here, in case ur wonderin

U end up wit a happy puppyish-lookin Bichon. Er... with a cleaner-lookin face too. More pix?

performin her stupid "sit-up" stunt. Me lookin EXTREMELY pissed (with her) cuz Mom spent sooo loooong groomin this silly white thing instead of playin wit me!!!

sit-up durn (durn is short for cotton in case u didn't noe)

juz look @ the irritatin & silly face of the evil white 1 whom snatched my beloved Mommy & made her soooo tired for a whole 3.5hrs away frm me!

Are You A Supporter of Puppy Mills?

Bought your puppy from a local petshop? A local pet-farm? Yes, u've juz played your part by supportin the horrible & heartless Puppy Mill Industry.

Ever wondered where those cute lil' puppies behind those glass panels came from?

Here's your answer for those whom are interested to know. If you've gotten your puppy from a petshop/farm, have a peek at the conditions of your puppy's parents... or grand-parents... or great-grandparents so on so forth

The Oprah Winfrey's Show - Puppy Mills (Part 1)

Part 2


Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Please STOP supportin Puppy Mills. DO NOT purchase puppies from Pet Shops or Farms. You're not savin that 1 life by supportin the thousands or probably millions of breedin dogs around the world.

Think abt the health of your pup behind that cute lil' facade. Will that pup be healthy considerin the state & conditions of its parents? Sure, it does look cute & healthy to you NOW, wat bout in a year's time? 5 yrs? 8 yrs? 10 yrs?

ADOPT, or purchase from a Reputable Breeder/Kennel. Ask to view the pups' parents. For Pedigree Certificates (not birth certs). Look at the conditions of the place, etc.

Do not support Home-Breeders who're in for a quick buck. For their dogs would've most probably been bought from a Puppy Mill as well. From here, the cycle of Unhealthy dogs goes on... its a never-endin cycle...

Please think thrice before you purchase that lil' puppy SUFFERIN in the window. Look @ the bigger picture with thousands & thousands of breedin dogs out there sufferin their entire lives juz to have those cute lil' (unhealthy) puppies starin @ u behind those glass panels.

"Where there's DEMAND, there'll always be SUPPLY."

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Me (birdy), Starr Starr, Mommy & Daddy will be goin MaAd. Stay tune! & see you guys there! Visit Dad's Art-blog for more goodies!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Colloidal Silver

CCS' Peace & Kindness Colloidal Silver

The Ultimate Miracle In Skin Care


Price: SGD$38 (8oz bottle)

For topical use on: Cuts, Scrapes, Open Sores, Ear Infections, Fungus, Itchy Areas, Acne, Hot Spots, Abscesses, Mosquito Bites, Poison Ivy, Burns, Parasitic Infections (viral & fungal), Blood Parasites, Ringworm, Dermatitis, Infections, Virus Warts, Inflammations, Virus (all forms), Yeast Infections, Seborrhea, Scaling or Dandruff, Skin Irritations Caused From Allergic Reactions and 650 OTHER KNOWN DISEASE ORGANISMS!

INGREDIENTS: 100% Distilled Structured Water With .999 PURE SILVER Colloidal Silver at 30ppm.

Peace & Kindness is a completely natural antibiotic that is just as effective as it's synthetic counterparts BUT CAUSES NO SIDE EFFECTS OF ANY KIND. Unknown to most of us, the medical community has been aware of the anti-microbial power of SILVER since the early 1900's. As a matter of fact SILVER has been medically proven to be one of the best infection fighting agents ever discovered.

Medical research over the last century has revealed that SILVER has wide-ranging and powerful medical applications. Colloidal Silver has been successfully tested at the UCLA Medical Labs where it killed every virus on which it was tested.

Chris Christensen Systems Peace & Kindness is 30ppm (parts per million) of PURE SILVER, the most effective and necessary concentration needed for external uses to absorb into the tissue and can actually destroy MORE THAN 650 KNOWN DISEASE ORGANISMS!!!

For Skin Problems:
The skin protects the organs and tissues within the body from invasions of foreign substances. Since the skin is the guard at the door, it is always being attacked and we are always fighting skin problems. It is essential to have healthy skin for the overall well being of internal health. Peace & Kindness ingredients works as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. In short, it suffocates the bad guys, but leaves unharmed the essential "friendly" bacteria.

Is A Natural Alternative To Antibiotics:
Itis an amazing natural alternative to antibiotics and steroids. There is no disease causing bacteria that can live in the presence of Peace & Kindness ingredients. Many strains of pathogenic microbes-viruses, fungi, bacteria or any other single-celled pathogen-resistant to other antibiotics are killed on contact and are unable to mutate without harming tissue-cell enzymes or friendly bacteria.

Absolutely non-toxic to dogs, cats, horses as well as humans, can virtually even be used on viral warts around the mouth. Completely tasteless, odorless, non-stinging and non-burning to sensitive tissues including the eyes. A safe all around germ-fighter, safe to use even on puppies and kittens. No recorded reaction with other medications, and the body does not develop any dependencies or tolerances, excellent for veterinary uses.

Profoundly stimulates healing in skin and other soft tissues in a way unlike any known other natural process, and it promotes new cell growth. Peace & Kindness contains only natural ingredients that help the body fight infections just like synthetic antibiotics, but without their damaging side effects.

Peace & Kindness has a pH of approximately 6.5 and will not discolor coat color or leave behind any residue. Available in Spray for topical use on : Cuts, Scrapes, Open Sores, Ear Infections, Fungus, Itchy Areas, Acne, Hot Spots, Abscesses, Mosquito Bites, Poison Ivy, Burns, Parasitic Infections (viral & fungal), Blood Parasites, Ringworm, Dermatitis, Infections, Virus Warts, Inflammations, Virus (all forms), Yeast Infections, Seborrhea, Scaling or Dandruff, Skin Irritations Caused From Allergic Reactions and 650 OTHER KNOWN DISEASE ORGANISMS!

Credits to CCS

This pdt has proven to be helpful to have around the house. In cases of any minor skin injuries on the dogs, or even any minor eye irritation problems due to sand from beaches etc. I've sprayed into their eyes whenever they've some minor irritations, & its all fine after a 1-time spray. Same for some minor skin irritations like scratches etc. Should the situation call for it, spray 4 times a day & u will see improvements. Friends have even sprayed into the mouths of their dogs whenever they're suspected of contactin kennel cough from dog-runs, or sprayin into the butt-hole when they've irritable bowel movements.

It's definitely a useful pdt to have around the house for minor incidents.

Pee-mail me @ with your contact details should you wish to order any of the products above. Prices & other details to be adviced accordingly. Full payment for items going out via snail-mail (we will not be held responsible for lost items via normal mail), & 50% deposit for self-collection items.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Starr with His Kinds

Giogio, Mitchelle, Remy & Cushla came over today as the 3 trios (whippets) needed a groom in preparation for this Sunday's show.

Starr, as usual became SO HYPER! Its almost as though its his 1st time meetin his kind.

see, this is his daddy (Mitch) with Starr! Mitch is so afraid of his son

Starr irritatin the hell outta Cushla

see wat I mean when I say Starr's IRRITATIN?

finally he got a lil' tired. Here's Cushla after her groomin. See her nice defined tuck-up & rose-ears?

the always HANDSOME Remy after his groomin. Nice defined rose-ears, face & tuck-up

the forever IRRITATIN & GOOFY Starr

can u spot my irritated face? & his irritatin face?

go go disturb every1

mayb he's mistaken pretty & dainty Cushla for his mom! dat dummy

Starr's currently 10.2kg to date @ 19 weeks & 3 days old & standin @ an estimate height @ withers of 17.75 inches. His brindle is also becomin of a darker shade, which Mitch's mommy says its lookin like a Red Brindle now. So he may be Red Brindle Parti after all. But none's confirmed til he's older!

I think he's cute @ times. But he's extremely irritatin most of the time. He loves loves LOVES to bite bite my fur! Mom's thinkin of sendin him for some Basic Obedience Trainin when he's 6 to 7 months old. & hopefully, if all permits, he can do some Agility in the near future.

U noe... Mom's read that a Sweden's Research reveals that the Kindest Dogs in the world are the Whippets & Greyhounds. So everyone... welcome to the enchantin world of the Whippets!

Hmm... I tot I was kinder than Starr? I'm kind by nature too, altho sometimes I dun look like it as I LURVVV barkin as a form of greetin @ home. Mom's mom also says that Starr's a very kind, goofy & EXTREMELY STRONG pup. His kicks can blow u away despite his skinny & fragile legs. Come & try to feel for yourself...

The Chai Story

Support The Chai Story!

This has GOT to be 1 of the most most most most saddest thing to ever, ever happen to a dog. Please take a few moments of your time to read on...

wat do you tink happened?

no, Chai's definitely NOT being goofy here

Yet another case

Chai's tongue had to be AMPUTATED in the end. Re-taught the basics like how to eat, drink, adjust to life without a tongue etc, at 10 years old! Anyone can imagine the horrible & sad phase of what the owners & dog are goin thru now. Do your part by to help by emailin the irresponsible company!

PLEASE visit thechaistory to read & WATCH the FULL account of what happened to poor Chai.

Do be very very cautious of wat kinda toys you guys r actually purchasin for us! Actually I'm kinda scared now (note dat i'm never a scardy-cat)... It is til this date, that I fully grasp the reason behind why Mom doesn't buy so many toys for us. These are the only few toys we've from our puppyhood til date (plus a couple of mutilated squeaky soft furry toys).

For those whom might miss the last & MOST important part in Chai's blog:

This should never happen to another animal again!I'M CALLING FOR AN INTERNATIONAL BOYCOTT OF ALL FOUR PAWS PRODUCTS UNTIL THIS PRODUCT IS RECALLED. We need your help, please take the time to make your voice heard.

Please copy/paste the following into the body of your email in support of this boycott and send it to the address below to let Allen Simon the CEO of four paws know your stand;

Mr. Allen Simon, I am in support of a boycott of your company until you recall the product pimple ball with bell, as it is designed is such a way that irreparable damage can be caused by its use.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


True love defined through Christian, a (wild) lion & his human beings.


I love that lion! He's so cute & lookin good to snuggle up wit! I'll be fwens wit him if he were alive now!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

a tedious & rewardin hunt

Its "look for chicken-wing bones" today! & where's the 1 place where I can do that with ultimate freedom??? Nowhere else but the.......

Yes the BEACH. Lovely weather today, for some "treasure-huntin". We've with us Yukie (white miniature schnauzer), & Jeremy (whippet. Starr's biological brother).



some nice group pix

a simple 'formation'

the brothers decide to slack around a lil' 1st

gettin to noe all abt u.....

& they do dat by takin a short stroll together

then a lil' slow jog?

followed by some splashins?

some chasins

sometimes when they get too notti in the waters, DA BOSS (me, of cuz) will have to discipline 'em a lil'

see, that's how I discipline him, by eatin his face!

the white one loses control once in awhile & starts lookin kinda 'weird'

& look who decides to follow me to try disciplinin her!

starr sometimes luvs impartin our 'chicken-wing bones huntin skills' to others

there, u've a quick learner!

If you're still wonderin where I'm still @ this point, u've guessed it! I'm still huntin for those precious rotten buried bones!!!

they stick together quite alot!

starr does get a lil' bored without me @ times

he decided to try sniff my tracks!

nope i was definitely not under here! juz look @ his disappointed face! FWAHAHAH

Starr: where's my bird.....

callin on Jeremy to join in the search for ME? left right. no Birdy?

spread out on the hunt for birdy!

no signs of me yet I guess. & no, im definitely NOT in the waters nor on dat boat

disappointed faces? tsk tsk... u've much to learn, my young pup-sies...

their last resort: seekin help from the hoo-mans! ............. tsk tsk

the only 1 who's happy w/o me around!

day-dreamin!!!!! hopin to be some pretty babe!!! dream on... while im still outta ur sight

yipz, no doubts bout that. definitely a really happy bitch posin

looks like this nonsensical situation calls for MY presence!

a blow-up

all's resolved in a blink of an eye of DA BOSS! ok... now shld I get back to my 'treasure-hunt'...??

psst, the pup-sies still do not noe where I was all along. lets not reveal my secret. yet. til they're a wee bit older yea

here're some lomos shots of those many many dogs present today.

a male & female Springer Spaniel (Tess in this series of pix)

see how cute she is!

2 young playful labs!

Phoebe the Weimaraner

Here's Starr lovin the waters!

Okay, I guess that's bout all for today. Had some great fun on (rotten) foodies searchin! Shhh... Mom doesn't know how many rotten chicken-wing bones I found & ate secretly!! She was too busy havin fun wit the pup-sies while I went on a very tedious hunt for the rotten stuffs!

Boy am I rottenly stuffed! (if there's sucha phrase)

beautiful sky, to sum up a bone-ful day

The happy trios biddin goodbye! til the next time!

& lastly, we've kinda forgotten to bring the white one back. Any1 who's seen here there, please DO NOT bother to return to us.

*** certain parts of the above story are fictitious***