Friday, August 8, 2008

A 4mths old Starr

Starr's 4 months old today! Still remember the day he came on June 28th? I remember Mom sayin he weighed @ only 5.40kg. Today, he stands @ 9.40kg!! Like after 41 days with an increase of 4kg! An average of 1kg every 10 days!

Tell me bout it~~~~~~ Just look @ the amount of foods he eats a day compared to MINE!

Me's food. His food.

Mine's bout 160g per day, & his is like............ 650g to 700g per day! Hows that for equality of the sexes?

Below's an outdated vid of him eatin his food. Taken on July when he's still pretty small, bout my size

early July '08

early Aug '08

Dawg............... look @ the difference in his size within a month! I think he's still growin! He's like a magnet to me too as you can see.

Mom says to put up a couple of sexy sexy pix of him, & so, generous me did.
how bout 1 sexy sexy me too?

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