Friday, November 2, 2007

(Organic) Eggshell Powder


Aunty D has passed Mom some 50 over eggshells today! Basically, Mom has agreed to help her grind the shells. For wat? I've no idea...... plz ask Mom.

Aunty D had already wash, sun-dried & baked the shells prior to that @ 300deg F for 10mins. This removes a mineral-oil coatin sometimes added to keep eggs from dryin out. It also makes the shells dry & brittle enough to grind to a fine powder with a grinder or blender.

Each whole eggshell makes bout a teaspoon of powder which is equivelent to 1800 milligrams of calcium. (M: Be sure to remove the parts with red printed words yah!)

a quater of it has already been ground. these are normal eggshells

these are organic eggshells Mom has collected. There're still more to go so Mom has yet to grind these for us, til she has collected bout a dozen or more 1st.

Organic eggshells (being baked) in the toaster oven (latest update: we're currently usin a convectional oven to do it now @ 300deg F exactly for 10mins)

(M: for ppl who do not have a convectional oven, u can use the above way as an alternative. Preheat the toaster oven by switchin on to maximum time (15mins). Put the eggshells in after that & leave it for 10-15mins. If still not hot enuf to remove the coatin & for it to be brittle enuf, increase time by 2-3mins & be on standby mode to watch it. The pic above & below is already done.)

(M: u can see the difference in colors for the organic eggshells b4 & after they're being baked. The color will lighten up as the coatin of the shell is removed via bakin. Please do rmb to remove those parts with the printed words! U can do so after bakin to prevent the mess created.)

then u start grindin!!!

filter the powder out from the tiny tiny tiny ground shells. It'll be better if u use a blender instead. (latest update: mom's usin a Moulinex blender to do it & the end result is much much finer & better!)

powder on the right, ground shells on the left. if u still can get it powdery enuf, pound it. We only consume the powder, not the brittle shells on left.

final results after some finer (the finest sift i can ever find!) sifting!

Yipz, thats bout it! its kinda messy doin it tho'. I was watchin from the livin room........ u can literally see powder powder lingerin in the air....... maybe i should juz open my mouth & let the powder fly fly into my mouthie?

The thing is....... Mom locked ME outta the kitchen..........................................

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