Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vids & Pix of our (almost daily) Forest-Jog

Some pix & vids of our weekly 12miles jog @ our secret hide-out taken with our humans' iPhone on a warm afternoon towards the end of Dec '09. We usually start our 3miles jog at around 6.30am, about 4 weekdays per week...

If u haven't already know, this is our fav. place on Earth... secluded & peaceful... click on the label below this post to read all abt our beautiful exercise place!

our humans' shot this on a warm afternoon as 6.30am's simply too dark to capture anythin on screen.

we hold challenges between us too! I let the white bitch win most of the time...

a beautiful app (hipstamatic) of me, beautiful birdee

& nottie-durn

This is 12yr old Owen. my family's LOYAL CUSTOMER at their food-stall. & he loves me loads!

that's Cotton really tired out from the 3miles jog

of cuz, nothin's too great for Me (the alpha bitch) to handle. throw me 10miles anytime!

this is another beautiful part of the entire place. beautiful sky & waters

this place sure needs me to compliment it =p

& that's our usual Cotton aka durn-durn for everyone!

Have u had ur jog today? Drag ur humans for one if u haven't!

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