Sunday, January 2, 2011

Raw Whole Rabbit

This is our Raw Whole Rabbit (with glibets). We will have this rotated with our Raw Organic Whole Chicken.

Whole Young Rabbit Plus Giblets - All White Meat


The giblets are hidden inside with a paper

Giblets (heart + livers + kidneys) revealed. Kidneys are still inside connected with the meats

After deboning (Mom weighed the individuals, meats - 787g, bones 456g, giblets 111g) Packaging states its 1.402kg, but the above adds up to abt only 1.354kg

The meats alone can be packed into 23 packets (approx. 40g in each pack). The bones & giblets will be divided as equally as possible into all the 23 packets (which also includes organic beef OR wild kangaroo, salmon belly, free-range sweetbread & lamb livers/kidneys).

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