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My animals not only inspire me, but they've also led me to & taught me the importance of FRESH FOOD, the CORRECT type of foods, the importance of exercise & tryin' our best to lead a life ''away'' from diseases. Not that we're aiming for longevity, but to be responsible for our own health. & for that, I love my animals & they'll always be my priority... without them, I'd never be what I am today - AWAKENED.

This post is about a Documentary called PROCESSED PEOPLE, which is applicable to not only humans, but ANIMALS as well... animals like our domesticated dogs & cats especially... We're all under One Catagory - EARTHLINGS (btw Earthlings is also a good documentary).

The typical people these days tend to forget the fact that our dogs/cats are under the ANIMALS catagory. Animals have no ability to cook their foods, nature has always intended for animals to consume RAW foods (raw meats, raw veg, raw everything).

Tigers certainly do not have porridge on days when their stomachs are feeling a lil' under the weather, neither do bears, wolves, birds, seals etc. So why the need to even COOK for our animals, not to mention feedin' them with Processed Foods like kibbles/canned foods available from petshops which can be stored for years without any form of refrigeration at all.

Would like to urge anyone readin' this now to take a moment & think logically for once, for your animals' health in the long-run. If you wouldn't eat processed food (eg instant noodles, fast food, pizzas etc) every meals, every single day, for 365 days a year, for 10 years straight down the road... THEN WHY DO THAT TO YOUR ANIMAL THAT YOU PROCLAIM TO LOVE SO MUCH (unless we've some very different definition of the word LOVE here).

Not only do our animals (please note that I always refrain from using the word "pets") & us require a raw natural (organic) diet, but let us not forget about EXERCISE. Every Earthlings here require daily exercise (& I don't mean a 15 minutes walk with your dog around your void deck), a good solid 1 to 2 hours of say maybe running, jogging, swimming, hiking, cycling, or even brisk-walking.

(Most) animals are BUILT to exercise, some requiring even MORE exercise both mentally & physically as compared to humans. Dogs & cats are carnivores, they're built physically & mentally to hunt for prey. We've to keep in mind that this fact will never ''evolve'' to them being a couch potato. Be fair to them & give them these 2 most important factors in their lives to enhance their well-being & most importantly - HEALTH.

We hope some of these excerpts from the documentary PROCESSED PEOPLE will at least help to ''wake'' some people up from what the media has portrayed to what is termed ''normal''...

We're very glad that we've escaped from this so called ''reality'' which are in fact nothing but lies in the name of Profit. And even though we're vegans, we will never make our animals one because they're simply not made herbivores like us (their carnivorous teeth, 3 feet short intestinal tract as compared to ours at 30 feet long & ability to tear raw meats, gnaw on raw bones & consume the entire prey w/o any wastage).

Would also like to emphasize that humans DO NOT need cow's milk (for calcium) as much as we do not need giraffe's milk, hippo's milk, tiger's milk, bear's milk, hyena's milk etc. Likewise for animals as well. After we're weaned off our mother's breast milk (& baby animals weaned off their mother's breast milk), there is NO MORE need for any form of milk from animals. A cow's milk is produced solely for her calves, likewise a mother's milk produced ONLY for her baby. You don't STEAL a mother's milk to feed another species & deprive her baby of it (I'm referrin' to both humans & animals in that sentence).

Please, wake up from reality, into REALITY.

The following videos (more of which are available online or even better, purchase the DVD) are for people whom care enough for their own health, whom love themselves enough to make the change not only for themselves, but for the suffering animals, for the environment, for the planet EARTH which we call our home, for 3/4 of the world that's dying of starvation, & lastly, for people whom love & care enough for their animals.

(I know 9 outta 10 ppl readin' this will not bother to watch the vids or care enough to make a difference... but still I trust there're some whom will choose to be awakened.)

We are vegans & seriously, have never felt better... (it's a difference case for animals, but bear in mind that our animals also consumed loads of organic veg/fruits & tonics besides their organic meats)

we exercise our animals & ourselves by running 5km to 7km (per day) everyday...

It goes for our animals as well... YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. YOU LOOK LIKE WHAT YOU EAT.

IT IS WRONG TO EAT ANIMALS. "The message is so well-financed that its rare that somebody has the correct informations, they don't stand a chance to be healthy..."

likewise for dogs, HEAL THEM with the correct form of diet. Please DO NOT wait till they're sick enough for you, as their guardian to take the correct action.

A simple humble diet is always the best compared to rich unhealthy gourmet meals

Don't make your body a graveyard for animals. Humans are designed to be herbivores. Please realize the impact of meats on our bodies, environment, global warming, starvation & factory-animals' sufferings

Our daily foods are reallly simple consisting of REAL foods like veg, grains, & fruits. I for one HATE the act of FEASTIN' esp during occassions. The fact is it is not much of an issue of longevity that I'm lookin' into... I'm lookin' into a life free (hopefully) of diseases & heaps of unnecessary medical bills & of cuz sadness.

One interesting question to ask yourself, how many times have you seen the media & adverts on factory-farmed animals like chickens, ducks, cows as cute lil' mascots on the streets luring you with fliers to EAT them, literally. Have you ever seen a walking-brocolli, a walking-lettuce, a walking-mushroom? Vegetables & grains mascots handin' our fliers on the streets?

This is also the kind of life I aim for my animals. Organ failures, skin problems, cancer (all forms) are NOT normal for animals! It is common & normal because we've moulded that fact ourselves simply by making them into Processed Animals! Please PLEASE do not wait for them to fall sick enough...

I've decided to share this because it's important that we see the connection between humans & animals. There isn't such a thing as dog-food, or cat-food... there's suppose to be only ONE type of food - NATURAL food produced from Mother Nature herself! What have dogs & cats been surviving on before the invention of kibbles (for nothing but profit!)?

It is when one is willing to return to the basics, start asking questions & THINK logically that one truly is awakened from a lifelong dream (which I call lies) from the media ever since we were babies... & for our animals... ever since the day they were whelped...

Lastly, I'd like to end off this post with this video of Gary Yourofsky. If you've an hour to spare, I guarantee you that you will never perceive your lifestyle the same way again with Yourofsky's most powerful speech.......

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