Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chewy - Our Gorgeous Calico Kitten

Chewy is here to stay. We've decided to keep Chewy for good as she wants to stay here with us. There were many problems with all her adoptions according to Mom... & she showed all the signs that she wants to stay here when Mom asked her......

So here she is! She's prettier now compared to when she first came in. Mom sent her for her spay on 310111 & the vet has estimated her to be at least 7 months old already! She's pretty tiny for her age! She's currently 2.5kg, bodylength (minus head & tail) is approx. 31cm... she hasn't grown any longer since then... has she stop growin already?

Chewy is a Calico kitten... Calico is not a breed, but a color which can be found in many breeds. Calicos are like Tortoiseshells, but with more distinctive patches of brown, & black, amidst white while Tortoiseshells color is more of a brindle messy style with little or no whites... There's rarely males in Calicos because of the color mutation, if so, they're sterile. Calicos are also known for their very unique personalities... all true to Chewy!
**Found her wandering around the streets on 101110 while at work. My bf went to get some stuff from the car & after he shut the door, a tiny lil' kitten dashed out from under!

She had a very tight red string (with a bell) tied around her neck. Fed her some food we've & removed the string. Cldn't bear to leave her behind as there were many other adult cats bullyin her...

Finally when we were abt to go home, we lost her & went searchin for her for a good 15mins+...

Brought her home & put her up for adoption. The 1st Potential Adopter (PA) had an adult male cat & somehow Chewy didn't seem to like cats anymore (maybe due to the constant bullying before).

2nd PA wanted only 2 months or younger kittens even tho' Chewy's color & tail (PA wanted a long tail calico) matched her ideal 2nd cat as a playmate for her adult female Calico Short-tail.

3rd PA purely only wanted her for his young daughter... as he didn't contact me again after I mentioned abt spaying Chewy (even when I offered to spay her b4 handling her to him).

& hence... we've decided to keep her since she LOVESSSS our 3 furry bitches so much ever since she step foot into our home. 2 or 3 more PAs contacted me to adopt Chewy... but I think she wants to be with us... & so here she will be.**

Enjoy our Chewy...

this is her zenning on her scratch-post

her yawning

the usual blur look

that's her no. 1 fav. spot on Mom's bed

Spayed on 310111. Vet has estimated her to be at least 7 months old already

2nd day after her spay

she's smiling... in her slp

3rd day after her spay. This is her 3rd fav. spot to rest/suntan

she fell asleep there right after Mom snapped this

Stay tune for more pix of Chewy if you like her! We sure do! She lovesssss us 3 furry bitches too! Oh, she's on Organic RAW meats like us too, minus the organic blended veg as cats can only digest digested veg (meaning fresh disgested veg from a prey's stomach).

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