Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SKC (a votin session??)

Ok, juz some updates on our trip to SKC @ Expo on 26/08/07 Sun. A place where I tink dogs compete for some titles... or zit a votin session for the best leader amongst us? I wonder if I should try competin for them too? Will I win like some of them??

Here's some pix of one of them on the table waitin to be voted? What's the votin based on, I wonder...

he's very serious. y won't he have some fun? like me??

like this! c...that's how I have my fun.. sniffin others' ding dongs..

another pair of ding dongs..

n another!!!! boy ima happy biatch!

3s a crowd.... wats 4?

this lovely boy's River! can ya c I was aimin for his........

heard frm my mom this' a smart boy. (M: this smartie's competin for the obedience competition, he did FANTASTICALLY WELL!)

1 of the most mis-understood dog..but... he liked me! he really did! (M: Bui Bui (Fat Fat) is his name... he's a darl...)

Some of the pix r soooo blur! Apologies for that, guess Mom's hand was shakin frm the cold.

Anyways, glad I wasn't one of the "candidates" up for the votin session! I'd be bored to death on the tables! ;p

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