Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mini Tofu Feast

Mom steamed some organic tofu with an egg for us early in the mornin today.

there u go

doesn't this remind u of somethin v familiar? it looks like one of the square thing my paw paw is pressin on NOW as i'm tellin u all these...

then u add an egg to the mashed tofu

a teeny weeny bit (half a teaspoon) of EVOO

then it gets ready to be STEAMED dead!

then half of it ends up on our bowls!! gettin rdy to be IN our tummies! topped wit chinese parsley & herbs...

that act-fussy, act-pampered Cotton eventually finished hers too. Before we started our mini-feast, I told Mom not to be bothered to continue the shoot shld Cot decide to display any of her nonsense acts again. As long as she had ME finishin mine, that's all that matters. (M: so full of urself)

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Genevieve said...

Interesting entries on home cooked food!