Monday, September 24, 2007

(Organic) Natural Yogurt, Cottage Cheese & Wheatgrass

Mom chanced upon these 2 new stuffs on the way home. Because our Paul's Yogurt's already all gone into our big tummies, Mom decided to get this one for us instead. U can obviously see the difference in size. The price too is incredibly wide apart.

"Horizon" grade A yogurt $3.40 for 170grms (Mom: i tink this' the best so far, hopefully stocks will be in permernently)

200 grm Yogurt & 450 grm Cottage Cheese, $3.60 & $11 respectively

(M: There's another 'style' of the cottage cheese. The one above in blue is German Style as you can see below the tub. Another is a purple tub which is Swiss Style. German contains very little fats @ only 0.2 grm while Swiss contains a whoppin 13.7 grm of fats!)

I guess Mom didn't want us to grow sideways, so she got the wayyyyy lighter one for us instead.

500grm Paul's, $4.15

See the difference in prices????? & weight???? There's another brand of cottage cheese - Bulla, sold in most supermarkets. Smaller in packagin @ 200grm, but way cheaper @ only $3.65. But we had the runs when we ate them long ago. So M's tryin to see if we still get the runs with this organic one.

another brand of organic yogurt, this one's quite fattenin (that's wheatgrass for us beside it)

looks yummy eh????? r u droolin over there??

for those whose mommies & daddies who've been askin my mom for info on those organic yogurt & cottage cheese, there u go!!! ;)

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