Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's a trigger-happy Confirmation!

Remember the organic home-made herbal & flower leave-in conditioner Mom specially concocted for us? Well, further usage on us (I got dirtied today don't ask why), has made Mom very very trigger-happy. Because not only did it work very very well against ticks (also thanks to our super bodies), as well as extremely gd for our skin, but it made our fur fur & paw pads very very very smoothieeeee. Mom also let me drink some of it & rubbed the mixture on my teeth & gums because they do good for our mouthie too (it tasted gr8 as well).

She has decided to use both the soap & the organic herbal leave-in conditioner for us frm now on. nothin else.

several pix of just me alone right after usin it & dryin

Sorry no paw-pads pix... becuz they don't look any different. only difference is the FEEL... even daddy agrees my pawpads r so much smootherrrr when he felt them!!! (I've very rough pawpads from all the walkins n runnins on those super rough uneven roads). I even feed gd wen scratchin myself now occasionally!

Now that Mom is super happy, I expect MORE foodies comin to me today!


Anonymous said...

Hi, saw your leave in conditioner for your dogs. Will you kindly share your recipe for the leave in conditioner as I will like to try it out for my dog who has had rough paw pad. Thanks

Josephine said...

Hi.. I have bought the Chandrika soap but yet to dry on my girl. She started scratching herself and seen vet with jab and antibiotics but the effect wears off within 1 nmonth. Understand is not so good if she keeps going back to the vet to stop her scratching and biting. will you be able to share with me what i should do.