Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Tinker

Had a visitor this evenin. No one new to us... juz somebody whom we haven't met for quite a while.

Tinker! The whiney & EXTREMELY messy Miniature Schnauzer

unlike ME, whom's always pretty neat (even tho' I'm very ungroomed here too, but Tinker's worst off =p )

the Naughties played while I supervised

zoomin here & there non-stop.............

play-kickin & some other nonsense which didn't really appeal to me - Velvet the Wise

....... til I was so bored... I almost fell asleep amongst all the chaos

This was only half-time for them!

during which we were both forced to stand as close as possible for a pix. As expected, we immediately repelled like magnets right after those hands went off our butts.

Compare the above with this pix which goeswayyy back in 2007! 2 years back!

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