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Intuitive Communication with Animals & Nature

Intuitive Communication with Animals & Nature - is what our private blog (mypawpalslanguage) is all about. Yes... it is exactly about communicating with animals/insects, nature (trees, plants, rocks, land, mountain, etc), even elements like the wind etc!

It isn't like communicating with humans in English, Chinese, French or any dialects. It is of a Universal Language, a much higher level of communication. There is NO language barrier (once u can do it). Some people call it "remote viewing" like in the military, others call it "telepathy", & some even label it the "6th sense/intuition".

To be able to be successful on intuitive communication, one has to first BELIEVE that everythin has a conscious. To treat everythin on earth as our Equals, yes even a rock or a plant. RESPECT all lifeforms as you'd respect a fellow human-being. Realize that every animal & nature possess a higher level of knowledge than human-beings (& therefore, would understand conversations between human-to-human).

I've imported books on them & have been practicin on my own for about 2months now with many animals/insects & nature. The 1st & MOST important book to start off with is Kinship With All Life (J. Allen Boone) before proceedin onto other more complex books.

Another book missin here is Beyond Words (Marta Williams) as it's borrowed from our local library.

My favorite author's Marta Williams so far of all the many Animal Communicators (ACs) she's read about or heard about from some friends. Some from Sweden, some from USA etc. Basically there're MANY ACs out there.

I'm also learnin under an AC from the USA currently via webcam. But I prefer doing things on my own free-time & pacing from the books. I've had successful readings from some animals... while some others aren't really accurate. All we need is more & more practice to get it overtime =]

I'll be doing it as a "hobby" for now & esp. for my own animals (health-wise etc) as that's the purpose of me learning this ability. Should I improve further on with time, I'll consider doing this as a free-lance job as well (juz like how I'm doing groomin of dogs + selling of dehydrated treats etc). 1 should NEVER practice intuitive communication simply for the sake of money!

1 very very very important factor as well is to realize that no one owns anyone in this world. We DO NOT OWN our animals. Our animals have free-will juz like you & me. Likewise, we do not call ourselves their "owners". Instead, we're their humans, or their people & they're our animals.
They will not "open" themselves & speak to you if you continue to possess the thought that humans are supreme in this world. We've to be humble, respectful & loving to them.

Through intuitive communication, animals are able to let us know of any diseases they're suffering from & allow us to make the right decision for them (eg to PTS or continue livin on for a higher purpose). Sometimes it juz isn't their time to leave yet even though professional vets have given them the death sentence. They've yet to fulfil their purpose on earth, or its not their time yet due to the disease. MANY animals have been saved via intuitive communication...

Also regarding free-will of animals & nature... I've a very good article to share of her favorite A.C...

To talk or not to talk…

Aug 14th, 2009 by Marta

There seems to be a question about whether it is OK to talk intuitively with an animal without permission from the animal’s person. Some say it would be unethical to do this. However, wouldn’t animals, like humans, have free will and the ability to refrain from talking to someone if they so chose? I wouldn’t go to the husband to ask if I could talk to the wife, I would just talk to her if she wanted to talk to me. I don’t consider that he owns her. Is the assumption here that animals are not on a par with adults humans, but rather more like very young human children? Hmmmm. I don’t think that is the way most communicators experience the animals they talk with.

If the point of this proscription is to keep people from doing something negative to an animal, saying something upsetting etc., then the advice should be something like, ‘Always strive to do your best, and work toward the highest good of all concerned.’ And maybe you could add in, ‘And it’s probably best to talk with an animal with the person’s knowledge, but if there is a need to go directly to the animal, then OK.’

When might that be the case? What if an animal is being abused or is obviously really confused by the person. Wouldn’t it be OK then to talk to the animal to try to help in some way? What about wild animals, whose permission are you supposed to ask for there?

I’d say this whole issue needs a bit more examination. I for one have talked to many abused animals without getting permission from the people who were abusing the animals. I hope I helped them. In some cases I know it helped and we were able to rescue the animals.

Your thoughts?

It's very individual & sensitive regardin "permission". For me, I do not seek permission from the animals' humans. Because to 1st be able to practice intuitive communication, we've to 1st reflect on ourselves. Do we have a motive behind this that's threatening to the animals' humans? Are we askin questions that are threatening to the animals' humans? We've to be free of (bad) motives.

For why would the animals speak to one w/o a pure heart?

1 of my fav. insect to talk to is the FLY. Yes, mean & irritatin flies as perceived by almost EVERYONE. It is in fact not as challengin as talkin to animals (due to them havin humans) as I do not feel the 'stress' while talkin to my flies. I used to have alota issues with flies as we work around foods alot. Now, I've almost ZERO issues with them! For I respect them, & they in-turn respect me. Flies! Probably the dumbest & dirtest creature on earth to many... but they're as smart as you & me... that is the miracle of intuitive communication once you know it. Even the meanest creature can be sucha darl in your eyes...

If you're interested in practicing intuitive communication, feel free to juz do so by orderin books on it! We can even practice with each other animals (as I've been doing so with my friends' animals like dogs, cats, birds etc as well as my own animals @ home of cuz, & the many many strays/wild animals I see everyday).

Have fun! & Congrats to you for you've been enlightened to a higher side of life... with a higher purpose in life... & of cuz to be a better human (& possibly reduce sufferings & offer help to those that seek) to all the animals & nature living alongside with us.

Be prepared for all the precious lessons our animals & nature have in store for us too... Accept our animals that they're our Teachers & Guidance in life & in their after-life. I for one have been protected by the trees @ our forest where we jog Velvet & Cotton 5 days a week... & am thankful for their kind acts.

& lastly, NO, we're definitely not pychopaths tryin to "imagine" animals & nature talkin to us.

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