Friday, November 27, 2009

Intuitive (Animal) Communication with Cody & Ember (Miniature Schnauzers)

Mom practices her Intuitive Communication almost everyday on animals & nature. Even the flies & strays she sees during work too. & of cuz with us, her own animals. But its the hardest with us since she's our human. It's easiest to work with animals already in their spiritual form as there's no more 'physical boundaries' between them.

Information will come in MANY forms. Images, Words, Smell, Taste, Feelings, through all 5 senses. It depends on individuals. Some ppl are stronger in images, while another may be strongest in taste! They can come thru ALL forms in a single conversation too. So much practice is needed to know your own forte.

Mom also praticed on many animals long ago but have since forgotten the date. With dead animals like birds, cats & dogs. Also living animals as well..... mostly dogs. She'll do an update of all the past animals she did in another post.

Please also note that for Mommy being at Beginner's Level now (readings from alota books + short lessons from a professional Animal Communiator (AC) in the USA), information received from the subjects may not always be 100% accurate. Even professional ACs do receive wrong information at times. Especially more so when tracking down lost animals.

All animals here are also not physically with us while doing it. Mom has NEVER even met these 2 dogs before, nor their humans as well, so its IMPOSSIBLE for Mom to know certain things about them. They're also residing in Singapore like us, but Mom has also practice on animals living in other parts of the world like as far as USA without even a picture of them. All's done through "telepathy", or "intuition".

Cody the Miniature Schnauzer [Human: Agnes L.] - Session on 24/11/09

Qns: What toys did Mommy mend for you the night before yesterday.
Cody: A White toy called Snoopy & a Brown toy called Mr. Brown.
Ans: White toy called Snoopy & a Black/Yellow toy called Boomerang. A brown toy was mended too but it was another week ago.

Qns: What caused the rashes on your body.
Cody: I get it on & off, not a big deal to me. Might be from a biscuit-like food eg Kibbles.
Ans: Not sure. Maybe from some dried biscuits he stole & ate while no one's home.

Qns: Why are you always at odds with Pepper (biological brother).
Cody: Something happened during puppyhood & am sore about it. So I try to show him & everyone my 'strength'. Cody also means no harm @ all. It is just like..... probably showin sarcasm in our human world. No evil intentions involved.
Ans: Pepper did abandon Cody during puppyhood. Moved house. Cody only showed Pepper his unhappiness after Pepper moved away with relative.

Requested by Cody's human: Tell Cody to not sleep in-between her legs @ night due to her having a really bad backache. Stop barking furiously at anything that moves.
~ Cody, try to not sleep in-between your Mommy's legs @ night as she's having a really bad backache now. Sleepin there would further aggrevate it & you might in-turn miss out on your daily walks. Try sleepin BESIDE her instead. (Told him lots more but these r the few main points). Cody also said he loves sleepin in-between her legs. Stop barking at anything that moves as this might startle his Mommy. If needed, juz give a softer bark OR a couple of barks only & STOP, & he'll be rewarded. Cody says he'll try.
Review from Cody's human the next day: He did sleep beside her! But returned back to in-between her legs at 4am+. This happened for a couple of days. Barkings also reduced.

Did a couple more sessions with Cody regarding this. Remember, animals still have free-will & they CAN refuse to listen just like humans. You might tell/instruct me on certain things, I'll still have my own views & have the free-will to not listen as well. Same goes for animals.

Cody is a dog whom I practice on regularly as I'm on pretty good terms with his human.

Ember the Miniature Schnauzer [Human: Willy W.] - Session on 26/11/09

Qns: Favourite Toy.
Ember: Roundish toy Pink in color. Maybe a porcupine or a dino.
Ans: Pink Round toy in shape of Octopus.

Qns: What happened at dogpark last week.
Ember: I got bitten. There's a celebration as well at the dogpark for a dog's birthday. I was very very happy. (Bitten part was VERY short that I thought it was wrong. Maybe the celebration was a more significant event for Ember. I got the event's function wrong though. )
Ans: Got bitten at dogpark. Humans had Anniversary celebration at home.

Qns: Why do your legs wobble alot.
Ember: My legs are very weak (sensation sent to me). I need to rest once my legs wobble during walks. Overall health is ok. Weak legs seem to be inborn (sensation sent to me).
Ans: Weak legs as observed for now.

Also told Ember that her human will give her some supplement for her weak legs & that he'll rest her once her legs wobble.

That is all for now. Thank you to all humans & animals involved here.

*Note: some parts have been summarized a lil' for easier reading.

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