Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hydrotherapy (20mins = 32 Km run)

My 1st Hydrotherapy session today! A 20 mins session is equivalent to 32 Km of run on land. The instructor was so impressed that I'm so comfortable in the pool for a 1st timer that he agreed to ups the water pressure for me.

A small intro of Hydrotherapy:

Swimming and manipulation in water allows exercise that is non-weight bearin' - so recovery can start much earlier followin surgery or injury. The warm water (24deg celcius - 26deg celcius) & increased range of limb movements help to promote circulation, which aids healing. The pressure of the water can have an anti-inflammatory effect, relievin pain & reducin swellin, resultin in more comfortable or more natural limb movements.

Swimmin for the otherwise sound & healthy animal gives a superb, complete full body workout; buildin up stamina & endurance levels while enhancin muscle tone, posture, performance & general condition & offerin immense pleasure @ the same time. It is ideal for racin, workin or agility dogs or juz those wantin to become fit! Swimmin is also great for keepin show dogs in peak physical fitness & good hard condition. It encourages "good reach" as the front legs are used to extend & pull through the water & it improves the drivin action frm behind due to the rear propulsion needed to swim against the jets.

Swimmin is 1 of the best forms of exercise available as it uses every muscle of the anatomy from the neck, holdin the head up above surface of the water, right down to individual toes as they drive & pull through the water & even to the tail which acts as a rudder.


- Ideal for fun & fitness - a superb full body workout
- Helps wit weight loss
- Improves circulation & leads to increased respiratory & cardiovascular activity
- Beneficial for pre & post operative conditionin & rehabilitation
- Accelerates recovery from orthopedic surgery & ligament / muscle / tendon injuries
- Increases muscle mass, strength, flexibility & range of movement
- Excellent for arthritis sufferers - offers pain relief, reduces swellin & stiffness & aids mobility

Hydrotherapy is proven to be beneficial for numerous medical conditions:

- Arthritis - reduction of pain & increased mobility
- Hip dysplasia - esp useful for young dogs who're restricted to lead exercise
- CDRM (Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyropathy)
- Spinal injuries
- Recovery from multiple injuries - incl fractures & neurological damage
- Cruciate ligament injuries & post operative recovery
- Muscle strengthenin, maintenance & restoration
- Relief of pain, swellin & stiffness
- Relaxation of muscle spasms
- Cardiovascular Fitness (heart & lungs)
- Obesity (weight loss in conjunction wit diet)
- Mental well being

gettin ready wit the vest provided by them. besides helpin dogs to float, these vests also act as 'weights' for us when its wet, so dat we'll hav to exert more strength to swim thru the pressure jets

led 1st by an instructor

but clearly, smartie me nids no instructor @ all!

changin my vest to a smaller one in the midst of it

& in I go again! I'm darn gd for a 1st timer in Hydro!

Mom requested for the water pressure to be turned on higher!!!

again becuz im smartie-me, i'm alone on my own after adjustin to the higher pressure. pssst c how relaxed the instructor is

its gonna b over soon, better make the best of my remainin time

Remy's turn!

He's a CH whippet btw, look @ how toned & handsome he is!

The water has anti-bacterial substance in it as well. My furnishins look & feel so nice after that swim! A normal rinse with water after that will suffice already. However, owners can still choose to shower ur dog when home.

It is also important to feed the dog more after a Hydrotherapy session as it's a very vigourous form of physical as well as mental exercise. Hence, I'm gonna get MORE foodies later! Which is GOOOOOOD...... I certainly do not mind more sessions!!

Hopefully I'll go again next week!! Cotton didn't swim today, she'll begin her session next week ;p

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