Wednesday, June 4, 2008

M***h Me*** fails us yet again

So Mom & I collected the photos last night @ 9.30pm.

OMG, the super 8Rs were HORRIBLE................................ the workmanship was simply beyond words. Look @ the edges of the 4 super 8Rs photos below..

these pix of the super 8Rs r 99.9% the same as in real life (click to see how 'rough' the edges r)

a clearer view

Thin white lines stickin outta the sides can be seen from the front of the pix as well

LOOK!!! click to enlarge!

pay attention to the black photo (the thin white lines)

Now, the best thing here is, for the 4 extra 4Rs pix which were added onto the album, Cotton's face was editin into SNOW WHITE! Just look @ the contrast comparin to the next picture juse below that page!!

Mom mentioned to her that the browness can be lighten a tad more. But NEVER once did she mention make her face SNOW WHITE! All of Mom's friends whom were present that day heard it.
So Mom will be askin M***h to re-do!!!!

Look!! HOW FAKE!!!! (Cotton: one moment im snow white, next moment i'm miss brown!)

Another best part is, she duplicated another extra 4R pix of Cotton!!! It was suppose to be replaced by another different pix! So Mom said y is there another Extra?? M***h was shocked, sayin she did not see the pix being in the album already. OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD.

The pix was juz 2 pages apart!! & she missed it!!! She was guilty of cuz for her carelessness. So she told Mom that we can bring down the album whenever we're free & she'll print the different 4R pix & mount for us on the spot.

IT IS NEVER-ENDIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Mom told M***h over the phone that NO FREAKIN WAY we're gonna accept this quality of work after the price we paid. Guess wat??? M***h turned the table around on Mommy!!! Sayin its becuz MOM RUSHED HER!!! So she had to source for another printin company to print for us the Super 8Rs asap & thus, mayb they didn't do a gr8 job on the photos.

Mom was shocked! So Mom replied that the job was HORRIBLE! & Mom definitely did not rush her! She was the one whom promised Mom the dates! Mom was only askin her to abide by her promises!!! HOW IRRESPONSIBLE TO SAY WE RUSHED HER!!!
Even if we did rush her (WHICH WE DID NOT!), does that give M***h Me*** the right to give us SHITTY WORKS?!?!?!?!

If ur wonderin how she promised us that day, please refer to older posts regardin M***h Me***. Mom has 2 of her friends as witness that day when M***h promised Mom a date. WE DEFINITELY DID NOT RUSH HER @ ALL!

Mom will be askin for a full refund on the Super 8Rs later. No point redo-in & redo-in etc. They have no heart to do it nicely for us. No point @ all. All of Mom's friends suggested a refund instead. Seriously...... no point redo-in when they do not have the heart & soul to serve us @ all.

Mom also asked if her usual printer will do a SMOOTH & PRESENTABLE finishin. She mentioned Yes they always do a very smooth finishin. But we'll have to wait 2-3 weeks as they're very busy wit her other printins.

Since M***h mentioned her usual printin co. always does smooth & clean-cut finishes, we simply DO NOT understand how she had the cheek to submit such HORRIBLE & NONSENSICAL works to us! WE R PAYIN CUSTOMERS FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We thought bout it, no point waitin & waitin, cuz mayb we'll still be unhappy wit the work later. NO POINT.... its been nearly 2.5mths since my birthday & shoot on 28th March. We're all very sick & tired of these crap from M***h Me***.

Gd luck to all who're goin to M***h Me*** for your photoshoots.

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