Monday, June 2, 2008

M***h Me*** replies Mommy, Me replies back

Mom sent an SMS to M***h Me***. After thinkin for awhile, she felt it was the rite thing to do.

Mommy: "Just to let u noe, I'm really very disappointed that the pix are never delivered on time as u always promised. I really dun wish to make a big fuss outta it, but just thought i should @ least let you noe. I paid u the full amt that day hopin they will be delivered last Wed as you promised the other time. But its been delayed for many times already. My family hasn't seen the pix as I prefer to let them c the final pdt together. I really hope u wun disappoint me again altho' I'm quite numbed already. I just think I should let u noe how I feel as a cust since I spent NEARLY 500bucks on this shoot as a present for Velvet's 3rd Birthday. It's the disappointment dat upsets me time & time again.

M***h Me*** replies: "I really understand. And will do my best to get ur photos to you as promised. It's just that once I finish editing the photos I'm also at the mercy of the printers to get it to me on time otherwise im also caught in the middle between u & them. Be rest assured that I'm doing my best as I value ur feedback that's why we've even made special arrangements to go down to your area to pass to you so that it is as convenient as possible for you.

ok firstly, if you've read ALL the previous posts, how many of the delays are due to the printer being late???? Outta the FIVE DELAYS, I'd say, only ONCE is due to the printer's side. The rest are all late due to her INEFFICIENCY & ATTITUDE towards us as paying customers!

Of cuz she has to get our photos to us as promised. What crap is she tokin abt? If she's not gonna giv us our photos ULTIMATELY, then what the Fish are we payin for?? for CRAPZ tok????

Of cuz she has to come deliver to us, considerin she has delayed everythin for FIVE TIMES may i repeat??? It's not assif we're livin in Johor.

Plus, she promised us that Super 8Rs will be delivered on last Wed (May 28th). Then delayed til the weekend, then later delayed til Tues night (tmr), then now delayed til Wed night!! She can slowly manipulate her way to delay from a couple of days to ONE WHOLE WEEK!!!!! SEE HOW POWERFUL THEIR TACTIC IS????????????????

Morever, I dun believe the printing side can cause SO MANY delays. They have been workin in-line with their printin side for YEARS, so plz dun give Mommy craps like, "the printin side is slow". That is SO NOT OUR PROBLEM! If ur printin side is lousy & SO inefficient, go work with a new one!

Mom's reply: "I understand dat & appreciate u guys comin down. But because u always promised & r confident wit the dates, n fail, which rily upsets me as my friends whom have been wantin & expectin 2 see the final pix but again & again they can't, includin my family as I prefer to share it once I get everythin. All of them r very disappointed as its already 2.5months past Velvet's birthday. They've also been tellin me 2 seek compensation (softs) frm all the many delays which by far, I chose to not bring it up hopin that, that would be the final date. I can't go down again n again cuz I have my own groomin schedules too as well as other stuffs goin on. So I hope u understand overall.

M***h Me***'s reply (after 2 hours 15mins): "Yes I understand. And I appreciate your patience and feedback. We'll definitely take your comments seriously and look into improving our service to you."

Me, Miss Velvet the alpha Bitch hereby replies to M***h Me*** in MY blog here (since i've no fingers to type SMS-es like Mommy) : "NO MORE BIZ FROM US TO YOU! NOT IN A MILLION FISHY MEATY YEARS!!!!! YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A CHANCE TO SHOOT BEAUTIFUL ME AGAIN, NOR SHOW MOMMY HOW YOU'VE IMPROVED! RAWR!!!!"

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