Wednesday, May 28, 2008

we hate M***H ME***

Once again, WE HATE M***H ME***!!!!!!! or rather.... MOM HATES M***H ME***!!!!

Ok, so we went along to collect the photos on 25/5/08 (sun). We reached later of cuz, as Mom was waitin for a friend.

The 4R album was not too bad. In fact, we're quite satisfied with it. It was fair. BUT, the $10 per image soft copy Mom paid for... was also in EXTREMELY LORES. 500 by 750pixels 100dpi. So Mom & friends tot no point payin SO MUCH for such low quality pix which can't even be blown up to 5R wit PERFECT sharpness & clarity.

Mom's friend asked why she couldn't give higher pixels or higher dpi (either one). She mentioned that its to PROTECT their copyrights. So he went on by sayin ok, so 300dpi to you is commercial, why not give us 200 to 250dpi? Guess wat??? She continued by sayin... ", we can't do that, cuz then it'll be the same as 300dpi already." So, its clear that she failed Math cuz 200 is definitely NOT = to 300.

Then she went on by sayin it wouldn't be fair to other cust if she allowed me to hav 200dpi. NO cust has EVER complained bout the quality of her Softs. So I was thinkin in my mind... what's so "not fair" when NO cust has ever complained? Obviously, cust hav complained b4 & she didn't comply to their demands for higher res softs, which is exactly why it'll be UNFAIR if she gave it to me but not them! GEDDIT? Do u get wat im sayin?

Thus, Mom decided to change it. Choose some nice pix outta the remainin Softs which she ordered previously, to super 8Rs photos. That way, even if its more ex, but @ least we can get sharpness & clarity rather than pay for such lousy softs & can't even print out nicely.

So in the end, we chose 4 pix to be blown into super 8Rs. 2 of the them are already in the album as 4R. So, M***H gave Mom an option, to choose another 2 different images to 'replace' the 2 already in the album. Rather, its an 'add on' as they won't be removed from the album anyways. Then, the other 2 super 8Rs which are not in the album, will be printed into 4Rs too to add onto the album. So dat means another 4 addition of 4Rs to the album, plus 4 8Rs.

M***H then agreed to deliver to our place as it's troublesome for us to keep travellin to n fro. They mentioned that it'll be on Wed night (today). As the printin shop is closed on Mon, she'll finish editin the further touch-ups for the 8Rs by Mon nite, then send to the printin shop on Tues, & geddit by Wed, lastly, deliver to me on Wed nite.

Then she called Mom earlier today. Sayin that it has to be DELAYED. So Mom was soooo sick of hearin that its gonna be delayed AGAIN, if u haven't already read my previous post right below this post. We all already had a feelin we ain't gonna get our pix by tonight.

So she went on to explain that its becuz she JUST FINISHED EDITIN the stuffs TODAY. She rang her usual printer, & they said they're gonna print it with their other batches of work, thus it'll only be ready TWO WEEKS LATER.

So Mom said "HUH! so long?!" So M***H agreed dat its a lil' long. Hence, she said she will source for another printin company. So we'll juz have to give her a few more days til the weekend (31st & 1st June). Becuz its another printin company, she'll need to discuss bout the 'colors' with them.

Oh btw, Mom has already paid the FULL amt on Sun, hopin that by doin so, she'll ups her work faster... & deliver the goods ON TIME. But sadly.... they've FAILED AGAIN & AGAIN!

Then, she told Mom dat she has undercharged us by $18. Sigh.... such perfect service huh. Havin delayed our goods 3-4 times already... she can't forgo the $18???????? Mom said that she shld in fact GIVE us the album's soft copies FOC!!! AS COMPENSATION!!!! From all those delays!!!

In the 1st place, if she ain't confident of deliverin the goods by that certain day, why keep sayin that she's confident that it will be?! So from TODAY til 2wks later, she ain't gonna produce any works for clients????? Seriously, we DO NOT believe her USUAL printin company will take that long to print only FOUR Super 8Rs pix. Why can't she pay them more for express service?????????? When we already paid her SO MUCH?!??!?!

SIGH SIGH SIGH............................ every1, The 3 Furry Bitches seriously regret goin to them. It was suppose to be a nice birthday pressie for MY 3rd birthday on Mar 28th! Now I'm only gonna b gettin my pressie like..... 3mths after my birthday!!! OHHHHHH!!!!!!! WHAT IS DIS?!?!!!?!?!!?!

No words can express our disappointment by their service. We shall see if they'll keep to their promise & deliver to us by this weekend (31st & 1st June).

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