Sunday, May 18, 2008

Major Disappointment

Sigh. Major Major Huge Sigh.

Remember my 3rd Birthday Photoshoot @ M***H ME***? Oh goodness, remember I told you guys the shots will be posted up 3 weeks later frm the shootin day? Sigh its sucha major disappointment.

Mom is pretty furious that the appt date got delayed not once, but TWICE. 1st they mentioned 3weeks later (from 28th Mar), which will be 18th Apr. So, Mom sms-ed M***H ME*** on 14th Apr as she had plans to bring us down to Earth Cafe as its situated quite near Munch. Then, they told Mom they'd need another 1.5weeks more as she ordered ALOTA photos (FYI, its juz 24 pix!). So, alright, it'd mean 28th Apr rite?

BUT, guess wat??? They sms-ed Mom AGAIN on 19th Apr sayin they'd need 10-14 days MORE... like SERIOUSLY?!?!?!??! How long do they need to edit 24 photos??

So Mom asked WHY izzit delayed AGAIN? Munch gave another excuse, sayin that her partner, is in Reservist for 2wks & thus, she'll be tendin the shop alone. OMG, for goodness sake, IF he has Reservist, shouldn't he receive the letter wayyyyy before March??? If so, WHY would she in the 1st place assure Mom that the photos will be done 3weeks later frm the shootin day???

So Mom was very furious of cuz. We were all so excited initially. As time went by WAITIN n WAITIN.... we were sick & tired of waitin.

Thus, WE decided to give them a dateline now instead! By 3rd May. Should they FAIL to deliver by 3rd May, we'd collect it in June. Sadly, they failed yet again.

BTW, did Mom mention they were ALWAYS late for appts??? On my birthday 28th March, they came 30mins later than us! Appt time was 1430. M***H dropped Mom a msg on her cell @ 1415 sayin they'd be a lil' late & that we could take our own time. @ 1415 which cust will still be @ home?? Any normal person would be already 3/4 on their way reachin there or ALREADY there! We were there @ 2pm as we had to run some errands. In the end, they reached @ 1455. We practically SAT there for 55mins WAITIN for them like they're the customers!!!

Nvm forget bout that, we thought it was a 1 off thing.

On 30th Mar, Mom's friend went wit her dog & birds for a photoshoot too. Of cuz we came along too! Guess what??? M***H was late for 20mins again!!!!!!

1 more late appt was when Mom's friend returned a 2nd time to re-select the pix again. They were late for 1/2hr again causin Mom's friend to be LATE for sch! Wat 'wondrous service'! I shall leave it to you to believe us anot for this... it was VERY poor cust service on their part!

Ok.... we haven't collected the pix yet.... as Mom is still rather furious thinkin bac... Why is she furious you might ask? hmm... lets take a look @ 1 of the pix of Mom's friend's furkid n featherkids.........

Looks normal n nice you might think? BTW, she paid EXTRA S$10 for Digital Imagin (D.I.) as all 3 subjects were taken individually & combined later into a pix. EXTRA S$10 means.... it should be done nicely rite?? HAH! THINK AGAIN!

Ladies & Gentlemen, plz tilt ur head right down to an angle bout 90 degrees to ur left, u can even try layin ur head down on ur computer table... & this is wat u get.... TADA...................

Special D.I. (click to enlarge)

Firstly, the 2 birds aren't placed @ where the dog is lookin at. The above pix is simply usin Photoshop (Contrast & Brightness). The perspective is already all wrong. The rest, I believe the pix above would do the talkin already. How slidshod their work is.... yet, still chargin EXTRAS...

We've more to talk abt regardin the rest of the pix, like the LORES n pixels, 100dpi, 500pixels, 200kb file size (MSN display pix size!), & how they insisted this size can be printed into 5R photo with PERFECT sharpness, size & clarity! for S$10 PER IMAGE.

I think I'll stop here for now, I can see Mom's face is a lil' pissed again. She's VERY disappointed as this was supposed to be my 3rd birthday pressie.... & yet, we ended up payin so much, juz for an album of 4R pix, & 100dpi, 500pixels of soft copy images of S$10 each.

If u haven't noticed my previous photoshoot @ another photographer's, we paid VERY lil' for copyright pictures. M***H insisted that their copyright (hi res) pix would be $160 PER IMAGE, market rate. If so, I dunno why Mom paid 1/8 of that price last time for my pix.. hmmm....


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