Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Latest Organic Soap (Again)

Mom bought a new (Australian Certified Organic) organic soap for us. Its a Biodegradable Organic Castile Liquid Soap (Lavender Scent).

She wanted the Unscented (Original Fragrance- Free) version but it isn't available @ the organic shop. But still, Lavender is a natural fragrance used in it, so its ok.

Ingredients in it are:

Purified Water, Potassium soaps of Organic Olive Oil, Organic Flaxseed Oil, Organic Palm Olein (Columbia SA), other Organic Vegetable Oils, Glycerine & Lavender Oil.

Melrose Organic Castile Soap is a simple solution for grooming and cleaning needs. It is the perfect invigorating bath and shower soap. Apply to wash cloth or loofah, clean all over for the freshest, cleanest feeling possible. Use this versatile soap in the kitchen for washing fruits and vegetables, cleaning bench tops, walls, floors and bathroom. It's even mild enough for bathing your pets and washing the car.

No preservatives, animal ingredients or synthetic detergents. Suitable for all skin types.

Certified organic by ACO

100% biodegradable
No synthetic detergents
No animal ingredients
Not tested on animals
No preservatives
Incredible value

Only S$9.10 for 500ml.

As written in the above pix:

A pure and natural soap with Lavender Fragrance added for a delightful scent. Castile soap has been known to generations of Australians as the purest, mildest soap available. Use this multi-purpose biodegradable soap in the bathroom, kitchen, for pet shampoos. Soap not tested on animals.

that's me, rite after usin the soap...

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